Joint German-French air force?

Newsletter 2012/12/04 – Leading Nation of a Belligerent Europe

BERLIN/PARIS (Own report) – German government advisors are pleading
for the creation of a joint German-French air force. In light of an
alleged “deterioration of EU military efficiency,” the “two major
nations” in Europe are “required to take the leadership,” according to
a position paper published by the German Institute for International
and Security Affairs (SWP). “Clear signals” must finally be given and
“concrete proposals for security policy cooperation” presented, rather
than non-binding declarations of intent. For example, a fusion of the
air forces of Germany and France would provide a good opportunity for
promoting military as well as arms industry cooperation. Experts in
Berlin have been complaining since some time that the desperately
needed cooperation of the arms industries throughout the EU still has
not really materialized, despite persistent political appeals. Aside
from the advantages for the arms industry, this plea for the creation
of a German-French air force is aimed at the recent French-British
military cooperation, considered in Berlin as a means for preventing a
German predominance of the EU’s war policy. Practical measures have
now been taken to split the British-French alliance.

By piotrbein