NaturalNews Insider Alert on Newtown shooting

Dear NaturalNews readers,
In the wake of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., we bring you only four stories today. I authored all four of these, and they offer analysis and viewpoints on society, America’s culture of violence, gun control and more.
First, we have the suspicious fact that the shooting was originally reported as being carried out by “a second gunman,” but the mainsteam media very quickly scrubbed any mention of a second gunman and resorted to the default of a “lone gunman.”
My next article explores the mind-altering medications children are put on these days. Those medications are routinely linked to violent behavior and have accounted for numerous school shootings over the years:
My third article explores the issue of violent media programming. Today’s violent video games are so ultra-realistic and bloody that they are essentially mass-murder training simulations for children. They are almost universally played by young males, and Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was also a player of video games:
Finally, on the issue of gun control, we explore the practical reality of gun control and why gun restrictions on lawful citizens actually end up concentrating guns in the hands of criminals:
Here at Natural News, our hearts go out to the victims of this tragic shooting. And yet, at the same time, we must realize that Big Pharma kills ten times as many people EVERY DAY in America, and no President sheds a tear for those victims. One thing that’s certain in America today is that sorrow and outrage are highly selected political tactics being used to achieve particular policy goals. The people in Washington are actually celebrating this shooting because it now gives them an excuse to pursue their desired policy changes while claiming it’s all “for the children.”

By piotrbein