Mr. Braun: A Polish KMac; A Vile Christian Sinner

A Polish KMac: A Sinner

Grzegorz Braun
A terrible sinner resides in Central Europe. Look at his foto above. Doesn’t he look like a naughty person!
He’s a firm director. What are folks saying about his alleged new dark activity? Well, he wants to commence making an unusual film.
His crime: He wants to make a film about a pertinent member of the zydoglobalist Sayamin, a Mr. Adam Michnik.
Adam’s family were hard core Commies. His mother sought to educate little children. Thus, she had her books about alleged European anti-Semitism placed in schools.
Adam’s brother, had his name changed to Stefan Swedowicz and moved to Sweden. He had been a judge in post WWII Warsaw. He had anti-red patriots hung. Recently protestors demonstrated outside his home. For some reason this did not make mainstream papers. Goodness, one wonders why?
What is the world coming to? Next young citizens will want former brutal communists to be executed. Why not just forget about the entire system of horror?
Imagine if such films were shown around the world! What would happen to all those who changed their red coats and moved to the West! What about forgiveness? World peace.
As for Mr. Braun, well he’ll be facing the legal system. Apparently, in Europe, as in Amdom, freedom of speech and filming depends on what the topic is!
Once again, just look at that above picture. Imagine having lunch with such a dangerous advocate of freedom of speech!
The 64,000 dollar question  -Will Braun be incarcerated? You know, for peace and tolerance. Wanting to make a movie about past murderous activity. Terrible.

By piotrbein