Greece: Squeeze Dry and Obscure

Newsletter 2012/12/17 – Squeeze Dry and Obscure

ATHENS/BERLIN (Own report) – The German austerity dictate is driving
Greece – even after the most recent financial “bail-out” operations –
deeper into the economic and social abyss. Economically, the country
is still in a “free fall,” according to the German Institute for
Economic Research. Citibank experts are expecting the Greek economy to
shrink by 7.4 percent next year and 11.8 percent in 2014, because the
austerity policy being imposed by Berlin allows no margin of maneuver
for measures fostering growth. The unemployment rate will rise to 40
percent during the same period, predict the economists. Social
collapse is accompanying the escalation of the crisis, leading to not
only a doubling of the suicide rate since 2010, but also to hostility
toward Athens’ political elite and the EU, under German domination, as
well as to rapidly spreading xenophobic violence. Recently the UN High
Commission for Refugees reported that from January – September, at
least 87 migrants had been victims of brutal attacks – including
murders. At the same time, neo-Nazi organizations are growing stronger
than ever before – and are heating up rumors of a putsch.

By piotrbein