Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance and Genocide

From: Phil Segrave <>
Date: Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 6:11 AM
Subject: Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance and Genocide free DVD
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Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance and Genocide

The Nano Vaccine: Sterilization, Surveillance, Genocide video contains substantive and comprehensive collections of video newswire YouTube clips, internet articles and copies of unclassified government documents.
The purpose of this video is to assist the viewer in making an informed decision about the safety and effectiveness of injectable nano enhanced microchips for medical and biological applications. There is a billion dollar industry emerging that can be controlled by special interests using nano technology to acquire absolute political power, to amass enormous wealth and to control the fate of human destiny.
With the advent of the nuclear age, political leaders consider conventional global warfare obsolete. Biologicals are the WMD of choice. Mad scientists, under the eugenicist moniker TRANSHUMANISM, are in the process of creating a new devastating threat to public health and safety – a medical Trojan horse – injectable NANOBIOTICS!
As our collective human consciousness is evolving to a higher level of awareness, adversaries to freedom could be planning to counter this positive phenomenon by indoctrinating us involuntarily into the Cyborg Age. It is not only possible, but highly probable that this potential threat to our lives and liberties can be accomplished with the use of mandatory immunological procedures that include nano enhanced microchips administered in vaccines in the name of public health without our knowledge or consent. Skeptics may deny it, but the motive and the technology exists today.
Once this technology is fully implemented, independent or politically incorrect thinking will not be possible. Whether we enter a new Age of Enlightenment or an age of absolute tyranny unlike anything this world has ever known, our future depends on how well we assess this diabolical threat and how well we become informed about Nanobiotics, otherwise known as ‘Transhumanism’.
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Are Populations Being Primed For Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines?

…’Doug Dorst, a microbiologist and vaccine critic in South Wales, says these advances have an immense appeal to vaccine makers. “Biotech companies and their researchers have quickly moved most funding initiatives towards nanotechnology to increase the potency of their vaccines,” he said. If microorganisms inside of vaccines can be coaxed into targeting or invading specific cells, they could achieve their goal at an accelerated rate over conventional vaccines. “Depending on which side of the vaccine debate you’re on, whether pro or con, nanobots inside vaccine preparations could advance their effectiveness exponentially by either dramatically improving or destroying immunity depending on their design,” he added.
Dorst claims that present day nanobot technology could just as easily be used to advance biological weapons as they can to advance human health. “For every fear that biotech propaganda proliferates about deadly diseases and how vaccines prevent them, it is one more lie to incrementally convince the masses that vaccines are effective.” ‘…

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