German combat exercises with Gulf dictatorships

Newsletter 2013/01/11 – With Dictators, Headed for War

BERLIN/ABU DHABI (Own report) – The German Bundeswehr is intensifying
its combat exercises with dictatorships on the Arabian Peninsular. The
German Air Force just concluded, at the end of the year, two major
training maneuvers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), each exercising
joint combat operations. Participating alongside Emirati troops were
also troops from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and NATO countries. One of these
maneuvers was organized around an explicitly “fictious Gulf region
crisis scenario” in which Germany must rush to the “aide of a friendly
state.” The only plausible concretization of this scenario would be a
war against Iran, where NATO and the dictatorships at the Gulf would
be fighting on the same side. The exercises were not only aimed at
training for multi-national combat. They also aided in training
Emirati troops, which even though equipped with the most modern combat
material, have little practical capabilities. The German Air Force
casually introduced their Emirati hosts to the Eurofighter, which
Berlin seeks to export to that country. Berlin has been exporting arms
worth billions to the dictatorships on the Arabian Peninsular, for the
hegemonic struggle against Iran. This military cooperation began
during the Schröder/Fischer government.

By piotrbein