Obama's empire

Obama’s empire

[…] For all the credit Obama receives for withdrawing from Iraq and his plans to vastly reduce the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, he has not challenged U.S. perpetuation of the most powerful and far-reaching empire in human history with an estimated 700 to 1,000 foreign bases and a military presence in 2008, according to scholar Chalmers Johnson, in 151 of the 192 U.N. member states.
Nor has he repudiated the attempt to achieve full spectrum dominance, including weaponization of space and militarization of cyberspace.
There are, however, a few signs of hope that Obama’s approach is changing. Nominating Chuck Hagel as secretary of Defense — with his criticism of the Israel lobby, sensible approach toward Iran, opposition to the surge in Iraq and repudiation of nuclear weapons — and John Kerry as secretary of State represents a major break with the hawks who populated Obama’s first administration.
Reversing course and embracing progressive ideals would help restore the faith of his most fervent supporters, who saw his first election as a transformational moment.
PB: Not a big deal to replace withdrawn troops with contracted mercenaries and drones… as in Pakistan. The real test for Obama would be in standing up to the banksters and the Israel Lobby, never mind the rest of the article that ends with wishful thonking re. Hagel and Kerry. We will soon see — in tests for Obama in Syria and Iran. Knowing the J-complex’s modus operandi, I do not have delusions on this. A change in US policy can only be imposed from outside.

By piotrbein