The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention

The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention


Germany and the war in Mali

Newsletter 2013/01/15 – Desert War
BERLIN/PARIS/BAMAKO (Own report) – The German Foreign Minister has
confirmed Berlin’s readiness to become involved in the war in Mali. To
his French counterpart, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Guido
Westerwelle offered Germany’s “political, logistical, medical, and
humanitarian” support for the intervention in France’s former colony.
However, the German Minister of Defense, Thomas de Maizière, declared
that there would be conditions to be met. Only when “the prerequisites
are clarified and fulfilled” would Berlin be able to take part in the
military mission. These statements from the German government show
evidence of a dual strategy. On the one hand, Berlin is insisting on
concessions to strengthen its position in French-dominated West
Africa, and on the other, a German participation is supposed to thwart
French-British unilateralism, as in the case of Libya. Berlin feels
threatened by this sort of unilateralism, because since some time,
Paris and London have been strongly enhancing their military
cooperation, leading some in the German capital to suspect – not
without reason – that this could be a means to escape Germany’s EU
predomination, at least in the domain of military policy. In the
meantime, the war in Mali has intensified after only a few days.

France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali

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