Bronek Chapsky: Poland now!

From: Bronek
Date:     January 24, 2013 4:11:23 AM PST (CA)
To:     Piotr Bein

Polska Teraz: Nasz Naród

My friend,
Your info about that book report [by Jan Peczkis] on the partitions of Poland was excellent. You have some great stuff.
I have been reading books on Poland, Poles and history  since I was a little boy. At one time I read this stuff in English, German, Russian, French and, of course, in Polish.
My take is that there has been so much anti-Polish propaganda that general humanity has a false picture. This is due to Germans (mostly) and Russians (also) wishing to retain Polish lands and Jews essentially generally going with who they deem will be the winner (their “Us against them” dual mentality). Thus, you have these three (3) groups attacking.
Then, there is the factor of language. Few in the West could comprehend Polish. However, many intellectuals learned German in higher education (until recently). Also, Js controlled media flow and Hollywood. Stop here and think of this, all the hate, for over a century.
The above variables induced infighting. This became part of our Polish culture and thus actual heritage. Few Poles or Polonians joined groups of other nationalities to mitigate anti-Polish propaganda, telling the truth, via diplomacy.
My friend, just look around today. Wherever you go you see Poles fighting one another. It’s common knowledge that mainstream newspapers are in the Polish language. However, they are owned by non-Poles. Think of this. What does this do?
Then there’s the profit-gain factor. Millions of Poles must reside outside of Poland. There are hundreds of thousands in once-GB, tens of thousands in Ireland,  large numbers in France and over two million in Germany (2 mln!). In America there are about 20 million with some Polish heritage. Most of all these groups, due to schools, media, moving and jobs, become, at first amongst non-Poles. Eventually they become extrinsically assimilated and then their children lose the language. In the next generation many lose much of our Polish heritage (overall).
In Germany they legally eradicate pro-Polish entities. In Poland political souls permit the purchase of our Western lands to foreigners. Those claiming they are Silesians should have their property bought, given money and  -diplomatically- sent West. This would eliminate cancer in the spirit of those in Slask and (2) make the trouble makers happy. The cost, in the long run, would be nic, zero, zilch…
One more thing. I know scholars who devoted their lives to advancing nasz narod. They never obtained government support. They had to pay for publishing their own books. Their work could have been printed and placed in libraries and schools around the country. This is just one example of millions.
Conclusion-  There can be no doubt Berlin has funding planted in the Warsavian Parliament, just as the CIA spends billions influencing/ coercing other governments (to act against their own best interests). Heck, just look at Sikorski. Piotr, he laboured for the zionistic American Enterprise think tank. Look at Kwasniewski. Being elected! Agreeing to sent troops to Iraq!  Nothing more needs to be said. In these few above lines you have most of our health under the medical scope.
This foundation was built on nearly 200 years of anti-Polish philosophy. It emanates from the 123 years of partitions, WW II, post war foreign rule and today’s anti-Polish indoctrination that has solidified: (1) Infighting; (2) Uncontrollable greed (due to internal molding, from 200 years of survival matters).
There will always be people like myself, who, above all, love our nation. For most, as in most nations, folks will be unable to see the big picture, due to real personal hurts, emanating from 200 anti-Polish years.
If you get a chance read the book Bloodlands. I’ll try to do a review of this when I have spare time.
All the best to you and your love ones/ bronek
PB: Credits are due to Polish-American Jan Peczkis, a leading reviewer on
Jan Peczkis (to Bronek and PB): Dear Sirs,  Everything said above is true–which is why I am careful not to get caught up in disagreements with other Poles. Thanks the the kind words.
Anyone can publish my reviews on their blogs, as long as the reviews are in their entirety. Yes, go ahead and mention my name.
As for BLOODLANDS, I had reviewed it a long time ago.
Jan Peczkis

By piotrbein