Brainwashing children and youth to get vaccinated without parental consent

PB: Eileen, what what do you mean “for kids”? The argument is identical to that used for grownups in Big Pharma spin! Horrors.
Anon: When my child attended school in Canada, I requested from the Principal a written statement that he will not get any vaccinations without my consent, under the threat of a C$250,000 lawsuit. It helped. My child did not receive vax.
On 25-Jan-13, at 4:49 PM, Eileen Dannemann wrote:
This is only one example of the propaganda that starts on TV for pre school kids.
The government and private School Based Health Clinics (SBHC)take over from there to brainwash students without parents knowledge.
Think about it…as the generation gets brainwashed behind the parents’ back they are convinced that vaccines are safe, effective and most important to get including for pets.
Hence, in California a law has passed that underage kids can request a HPV (Gardisal) vaccine without the consent or KNOWLEDGE parents.
After brainwashing since pre school and during school  they are very apt to want what is promoted as a sexual vaccine or cancer vaccine touted as necessary to have prior ot sexual activity…and the don’t need to tell their parents.
I think I counted about 15 episodes of vaccine programs for SID the Science Kid!

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