Mental health screening for gun control
Mental health screening at an early age will insure that very few people get gun permits.  I would suggest that CCHR  connects with NRA.
Notice the emphasis on mental health.  The angle that NRA may be missing in their strategy has to do with the trend in diagnosing the emerging generation as mentally ill, whether it be ADHD, ADD Autism; bipolar schizophreniaetc. Is it not suspicious that 25% of American children are on psychiatric drugs and that these school shootings and horrific events are happening in the generation that is consistently being diagnosed as mentally ill and are given these new anti psychotic drugs that 10% of caucasians, for example, that become psychotic after being prescribed psyche drugs (see:
There will be more “dangerous” people.  The question, according to Holder,  is how to insure that the second amendment is upheld…but how can we keep the guns out of the hands of the “dangerous”, which would be those who have any mental health history.
1) FULL BACKGROUND CHECK  (Will they be accessing mental health records derived from the new electronic system starting in public schools)
2) Tear down barriers of sharing records  (would this mean accessing mental health records?)
3) Doctors reporting threats of violence (disregarding HIPA???)
If 25% of American Children are diagnosed as mentally ill now….by and by via 45 vaccines by the time a child is six years old and the increase in use of street drugs and prescriptions drugs…most people won’t be able to get a permit if they are taking medications  (some hunters who are on anti-depressants, such as)
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By piotrbein