Bronek Chapsky: Hijack Democracy?

Goodness you are such a naughty guy. How can you say that if less than 50% of the people vote, it’s not a democracy! Why don’t they vote? Have they lost trust? How could that be?
Next you’ll be saying all those wars and military installations around the globe are unnecessary. Soon you’ll be saying that Israel is not a democratic country, the pentagon is corrupt, we have a military-industrial complex and pseudo zyds moved into Arabia’s neighborhood. Soon you’ll be reiterating that Washington shouldn’t give the kitchen sink to ensure never-ending wars. Shame on you. You must be an anti-Semite.
Piotr, I recall when much of Detroit was Polonian and the lawns were perfect. This was when folks could live where they desired and there was no affirmative action. Recently I heard (on TV, a major channel) that 40 square miles of once-beautiful Detroit was being bull dozed. I beg that you stop reading and think of that. In some ways, it’s kinda like 1944 Warszawa. But, let’s get back on the real track of peace.
Now all those ethnic neighborhoods are gone. Piotr, I kid you not, one of the major heartbreaks I encountered pertained to a Polonian club. We had a bowling ally complex, huge Polish language library, cafe, dancing floor and a large meeting/ conference set of rooms. When the neighborhood changed   -due to Polonian/ Slavic gals being “abused…”-   people commenced moving.
The above implies that the young and middle aged moved to saver regions. The elderly stayed.
Lots of people, who had laboured for 30 years to buy a house, simply give their homes away for peanuts. Why? Cuz they valued the safety of loved ones, sought peace. Whata think” Hundreds of thousands were racists? Is that what you think? Well?
Soon chain link fences went up around clubs, such as the Kosicuszko Club (Saginaw), but elderly remaining people stopped leaving their fenced-in homes. Dogs, guard dogs, were put behind fences. Still, the club got emptier and emptier. I was given boxes of books. Some were sent to Warsaw. The commie government returned the boxes  (that were forwarded to libraries). Apparently some had antiRed lines!
Papers protected the new minority. Media referred to EuroAm “racism.”
The truth was that people didn’t hate anyone. Piotr, they simply sought to be what they always were. In other words, coerced and supported mixing policies were unnatural. Yes, as unnatural as the Islam invasion into France and Spain. This does not imply hate? What it does imply is that Euro man wants to remain within himself and doesn’t desire coerced implementation of policies.
Life is as simple as noted. Arabia doesn’t hate Jews cuz they are Zyds. That’s absurd. What they hate is being coerced into be displaced!
A respected and decent fellow from Southern Polska’s mts once told me that we were once all Africans. Yet, he moved back to Poland. Why didn’t he relocate to So. Africa? I’ll tell you. Because, despite what that good, kind and well-meaning guy stated, he sought to be amongst his own. I saw many just like him in Detroit.

By piotrbein