Vietnam… Millions of civilians killed

From: Analityk
Date: February 5, 2013 5:14:57 AM PST (CA)
Subject: War: Ground troops were bate
Millions of civilians killed
At around the 27 minute mark is info about US kids being used as bate. Wash.: The draft will replace the kids killed. Hear what research notes about initiating conflict and withdrawing. Plenty about kill counts. Listen to elderly soldiers speaking about old ladies (around the 38 minute mark).
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Subject: Fwd: The forgotten holocaust
Date: February 5, 2013 7:45:07 AM
My friend,
We got this one recently. It’s interesting. Our mightly military vs 3rd World Vietnam.
Is it true that the No. Vietnamese could bring down jets by lying down on the ground with pistols. Seems highly unlikely. Will ask some of my friends.
The data about China and Vietnam fighting for hundreds of years was vital data (apparently not studied by those in Wash., not concerned with our boys or natives). Certainly, all this shows a specific mentality.
This is an interesting movie for masses of sheeple. Will send to a few friends. They might like it. When watching this think about Wolfowitz speaking to Kwasniewski and Warsaw and others joining to engage in unnecessary wars in the Middle East). Once again, thanx.
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Subject: The forgotten holocaust
Date: February 3, 2013 9:46:42 PM EST
Millions of civilians killed.
What really happened there
and why?
– Brasscheck

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