Rodney Atkinson: gay marriage, Marx and corporate profit

From: “Rodney Atkinson”
To: Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail
Date: February 6, 2013 1:25:20 AM PST (CA)
Subject: gay marriage Marx and corporate profit
The redefinition and debasement of marriage, made all the more disgraceful by being instigated by a Conservative Prime Minister, is fully in tune with both communist and corporatist theory.
Marxist activists have for decades planned the destruction of all the basic pillars and personal relationships of a civilised society – husbands and wives turned into abstract citizens, parents into workers, children into State warehoused commodities, while corporatists have sought to turn nations into corporate bodies, nationals into identitkit supranational consumers, and families into mere breeding units.
Both ideologies (which dominate the supranational and unaccountable EU and UN) have downgraded marriage, parenthood and loyalty to democratic nations. We are required to lose our identities and act autonomously – like automata in fact – for the good of the socialist State and the corporate profit.
The Conservative Party is no more.
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By piotrbein