Dane Wigington: chemtrails cause positive feedback to warming, illness and species extinction?

PB: It is speculation – no definitive, documented and proven cause-effect for deterioration phenomena mentioned…
Due to the multitude of factors, it’s more and more difficult to determine cause and effect.
The perpetrators have pulled out this excuse on dozens of issues, some more obvious scientifically than chemtrails and climate change: radioactive pollution, vaccines, cancer from smoking…
If there is a cause-effect, they will obfuscate and conceal it; look at Fukushima cover-up: agencies responsible for measuring radiation and protecting populations in Western countries are silent, collaborating with the perpetrators. I wrote to a green MP who looked very promising when elected to Ottawa in 2011; she responded to my Fukushima concerns with 1-year delay, sending me to a Nuclear Lobby propaganda website!


Dane Wigington: chemtrails cause positive feedback to warming?

By piotrbein