Climate change [collection]


Climate Change Hoax Dates Back 80 Years

Lord Christopher Monckton Debunks Global Warming

NASA Bureaucrats Caught Doctoring Data to Make Warming Seem More Rapid

NASA: Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate

A rebuttal to Steven Sherwood and the solar forcing pundits of the IPCC AR5 draft leak

Dane Wigington: chemtrails cause positive feedback to warming?

Siberian methane global warming emergency

Koch-Funded Study Finds 2.5°F Warming Of Land Since 1750 Is Manmade, ‘Solar Forcing Does Not Appear To Contribute’

Without Its Insulating Ice Cap, Arctic Surface Waters Warm To As Much As 5 C Above Average

Michael Mann vs. National Review and CEI pleadings

Michael Mann – never fully investigated, thus never exonerated

Climate scientist fights back

Professor Michael Mann is suing the National Review

Ken Cuccinelli’s cloudy judgment

Koch Brothers Uses Donors Trust to Channel Millions To Anti-Climate Science Groups

Skeptics and contrarians: Climate change guide

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