Cultural copulation in B&W…

From: Analityk
Date: February 9, 2013 5:09:57 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Fwd: Cultural copulation in B&W…

Cultural copulation in B&W

I just got this one. It’s venting. It’s interesting. While in Europe (1970s) I once thought of purchasing a home in SA. I knew a few intellectuals and was fascinated by SA’s Florida type weather. A winter home would be a decent contemplation.
In the mid or late 1980s one of my SA friends came to Amdom and visited us. It would be inappropriate to recall, in print, his prognosis about SA’s future. A fine peaceful moral elderly man, he thought his life’s labour for a home and possessions were in vain.
Anyways read another friend’s politically incorrect honesty of “putting it all on the table.” Seems some of the above predictions have come true. Could the rape factor be more than just a cultural factor? Lastly, I didn’t see the AP article about one in four being raped. Sad, regardless of actual numbers… from old fashioned perspective(s). Read. Refect. Perhaps more multicultural coercing is required by the tube…. to insure what Wilmot Robertson coined as The browning of America.
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Subject: unfit to print for the jewyorktimes: AP on S. African rape: 1 in 4 women raped
Date: February 8, 2013 11:37:44 PM EST
Friday , Feb 8, ’13, page A3 of the SF Chronicle.
I did not see this story in the JYT today, but it is possible that it will show up later, possible but not likely.
South Africa
“Brutal rape of teen outrages nation plagued by sex crimes”
“In a country where 1 in 4 women is raped [Black I suppose but I wonder how many White women are raped by African Blacks [ape rape] and where months -old babies and a 94 year old grand-mothers are sexually assaulted….a teenager was gang-raped, had her stomach sliced open, and was left for dead…The 17 year old lived long enough to identify one of her attackers….Every few months this nation [S. Africa] with the highest rate of rapes of babies and young girls in the world….”
Story goes on to describe a gang-rape in which the perps videod the rape (Black IQ     if Africa average 67) of a black girl by 6 boys, one of whom was 10 years old.  Of course they were caught because of the video.
Rachel Jewkes, a doc says that 37% of surveyed men in South Africa’s most populous province of Gauteng say that they had raped a woman or a child.  South Africa’s President Zuma who was accused of raping his HIV infected niece but was found non-guilty in court…. famously remarked that he had showered after the sex to prevent AIDS infection.
Let us assume that Zuma is smarter than the Black African average IQ of 67.  Give him 15 points….say, 82 IQ  .  There is also a common belief that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS or HIV.  That may explain the rape of babies and young children.
“In a study by Jewkes in 2006, 62% of surveyed boys over age 11 said they believed that forcing someone to have sex was not an act of violence,  One-third said girls enjoy being raped.”  I assume these “boys” are “youths”….liberalspeak for spades.
Cry the Beloved
Alan Patton I think.  .the 50s agit-prop novel that influenced me…look I still remember reading it when I was about 12…convinced me that Blacks were Good and S. African Whites were very Bad.  Apartheid…the Evil that whites do.  Patton was probably a commie, like the later Vivian Gornick , also a Jew, who lived long enough in the new S. Africa to experience a home invasion by her liberated spade Brothers.  funny. They probably raped her as well, but she kept her mouth shut for the Revolution!  Old evil jewcommunist lying bitch.
These young bucks must be watching USA JewTV…movies made for Blacks. Try viewing some yourself.  Have an upchuck bag handy.
That is it for the nigger-news for today.  Check the jewyorktimes tomorrow for this story.  Maybe they merely overlooked the Associated Press story.  Maybe I am being unfair, knee-jerk, prejewdiced, and racist and anti-semitic, and White.
O there is more to the spade ex-cop rampaging in California today….seems he is garnering a following of Darkies with attitude.
Maybe LA will burn again.  Maybe the cops this time will go postal on the darkies.  One can hope.  Joe
In case you have missed the general point about blacks and jews in this country, elite Jews use Blacks to drive a wedge between Whites….and Whites…been at it since they founded the NAACP and championed Blacks with their own communists and a few duped black communists like Rosa Parks.
Whats to figure out? you may innocently ask.  Jews hate Whites and want us only as cattle to milk, bleed, and butcher now and then, like when they need White boys to fight their wars.
Let me put clearly:  Blacks are destroying our country.  Add to them , the Mexers.  That makes 100 million darkies with average IQ of 86…  Back to Africa, Back to Mexico.
suggested reading:  Robert Putnam’s E Pluribus Unum:  Diversity and Community in the 21st century….Diversity is killing us…all of us.
The folks who invented Diversity is Our Strength, are Jews.
Then the White LIberals formed up the chorus…repeat after me…

By piotrbein