Putin’s view of Russia’s migration policy and residence registration

PB: Quotes seem to confirm the article’s theses, but I would be careful. Much anti-Putin, Soros-funded propaganda circulates, from seemingly patriotic Russian sources.
It would be necessary to analyse the Russian doc, before passing a judgement.
Strangely, comments are closed, before any has appeared. Definitely, other opinions on the issue are necessary.
My Russian is poor, but in the doc linked I do read:
– Foreign migrants seem to be necessary for economic development, particularly of Siberia and the s.c. Far East of Russia.
– Re-settling Russians from abroad to Russia.
I doubt that, similar to Poles who have established in the West, many Russians would like to return.
Hence a realistic policy inviting Russians from abroad, but counting on skilled foreigners to push development of Russia.
Of course, it could end as it did with Turks in Germany etc. Maybe because of that Russia wants to control movements within the country, to make sure that immigrants who have declared to come and work in the rough climate would not move to other parts of Russia.
AS (translated from Polish by PB): I’m not sure if this is the author’s bio; citizenship: undetermined… The article’s ending discredits he author:  politics paving a way to genocide. Even a repressive control of internal migrations is far from genocide. I don;t know if the author wrote earlier on real genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria…
Returns of Russians: very large part of “Russian” diaspora is … Jewish. No wonder that  Putin does not care too much about their returns and prefers foreigners.
Russia is being deeply penetrated by foreign intelligence agencies that employ enemies of Russia and Putin, with Russian passports and residing in Russia. Also, Russia is aware of being the target of the bankster cabal. Hence, regulations that limit internal migration may be related to e.g. internal security rather than economy: make it difficult for foreign agents to move around all over Russia and carry out their anti-Putin sabotage.
BTW, an ordinary Russian can’t afford to travel; he/she must work and try to make the ends meet. But the oligarch and bankster agents from Judeo-West do travel, e.g. people financed by Soros or Rothschild.
Let’s not forget Chechen terrorism — it is not staged by Russian intelligence. Residents of Chechnya  (and other non-ethnically Russian areas) are Russian citizens. They can travel where they wish. Perhaps the new rules are to at least make this travelling more difficult? I’ll just remind of Brzezinski’s links to Chechen terrorism.
Under Judeo-Western pressure, Russia is beset from outside not only by colour “revolutions” and “missile shields”. Wars such as in Syria also target Russia indirectly. Add to it an internal,  destabilizing “snow” revolution in Russia. Putin knows his stuff, while  the “Khazars” grind their theeth and smear him with accusations of making way for genocide.
I fear something else much more: the Russian government might have info, or might  have reasons to believe, that the banksters would severely escalate their war against Putin. Scenarios might vary: an escalation of conflicts abroad (Syria, Iran, North Korea, next wave of Arab Spring) together with an escalation  of Judeo-opposition in Russia with a view on bringing a Shabat-goy like Gorbachov or Yeltsyn. This would be a catastrophe for Poland, Belarus and the world,practically a finalisation of the second-to-last stage of building the NWO. Thus Putin preventively introduces laws for easier monitoring and stopping the Judeo-opposition.
From: Israel Shamir <adam@israelshamir.net>
Date: February 19, 2013 7:35:55 AM PST (CA)
To: Piotr Bein
The author is not exactly right. There are millions of Russians abroad who want to go to Russia – from Israel, from the US, and even more from the ex-Soviet republics. Putin spoke on the topic many times, but the return is still encumbered by many problems. Caucasus is a part of Russia proper – it is against the possible migrants from Caucasus they build the new law with its limitations of free movement. As for people abroad – they can be punished for overstay, so registration issue is not that important.
Well, there are few sorts of immigrants in the meaning of the article:
1) any foreigners – say, Chinese
2) ethnic Russians from other countries
3) culturally-Russians from other countries (i e Russian Jews from Israel)
4) culturally and ethnically non-Russians from Caucasus
Changes in registration rules are important only for (4), as they have Russian citizenship but residence outside of ethnic Russia… for 1-2-3 it is not important as they have no Russian passport and can be stopped and deported for visa violation.

Putin’s view of Russia’s national future. Migration policy and residence registration

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