Emergency Appeal for the West Bank and Gaza

In need of protection
Abu Hatem, 73, is a West Bank farmer struggling to access his land on the other side of the Israeli separation wall. Much of his income has been lost due to limited access to his crops, and he often lives in fear of violence from Israeli soldiers. UNRWA works with farmers like Abu Hatem, helping them petition for regular access to their land and providing witnesses when farmers do cross the barrier to reduce risk of abuse from Israeli soldiers. By supporting UNRWA’s 2013 Emergency Appeal, you will help UNRWA continue to protect Abu Hatem and thousands of other Palestinian refugees affected by home demolitions, discrimination, and widespread violence.

Dear Friend,
Palestinian refugees living in the West Bank and Gaza need your help. Once thriving communities with growing economies, the tightening movement restrictions in the West Bank and the ongoing blockade on Gaza, have now left people there struggling to maintain their livelihoods, health, and security. There are widespread human rights violations, and sadly, it’s the refugees who are hardest hit.
Since the tightening of Israeli restrictions in 2002, the rate of aid dependency among refugees has skyrocketed, rising from 7% in 2002 to 63% in 2013.
Currently, 46% of refugees in Gaza and 19% of refugees in the West Bank live in poverty.
Even worse, three out of every five refugees in Gaza and one out of every three in the West Bank struggle to find enough to eat each day.
Could you imagine if three out of five people you knew went hungry each day?
This crisis is threatening to collapse the Palestinian refugee population. UNRWA is taking action with its 2013 Emergency Appeal, but we need your help.
Funds raised through the 2013 UNRWA Emergency Appeal will provide emergency food aid, livelihood support, protection, and health care to the most vulnerable refugees to ease suffering and promote self-empowerment. Your gift can do so much to ease the suffering of Palestinian refugees:
$35.00 helps UNRWA repair damaged or destroyed refugee homes;
$50.00 helps UNRWA monitor and report on illegal home demolitions and settler violence;
$125.00 feeds a student in Gaza with food for the entire school year, including evening meals;
$250.00 provides mental counseling for three children suffering from PTSD;
$500.00 employs a refugee in the West Bank for a month through UNRWA’s Job Creation Program.
The situation in Palestine may be dire, but with your support we can make a difference. Your gift will help provide life-saving aid to refugees in need, while safeguarding their human rights and dignity. So please give generously to UNRWA’s 2013 Emergency Appeal today.
In peace and gratitude,
Abby Smardon
Executive Director
American Friends of UNRWA
P.S.— American Friends of UNRWA is heading to the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Jordan tomorrow to meet with refugees you helped in 2012. We will share their stories so you can see the faces of those whose lives were made better through your generosity. Stay tuned for updates from the field!
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) provides humanitarian assistance and human development and protection programs including food aid, education, health care, and job training to registered Palestine refugees living in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Today, in times of both conflict and calm, UNRWA supports, protects, and empowers more than 5 million Palestinian refugees in need. All donations to AFU are tax-deductible to the fullest extent under the law.
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