Canadian MP, Elizabeth May wants to hear from you!

Canadian MP, Elizabeth May wants to hear from you!

PB: I find the survey a potential for abuse and manipulation.
Democracy, being the dictatorship of the majority, poses a few problems.

  1. What if the majority is mis-informed? The MPs are no better, e.g. Elisabeth is ignorant of the radiation health issues in CANADA from Fukushima.
  2. The corporations can buy and misrepresent issues.
  3. Implicit is an assumption that democracy works. What about lobbying and corruption of the politicians and parliamentarians?

Few examples:

  • Health care. To sell more Big Pharma’s drugs, vaccines chemotherapy and other crackpot “medicine”?
  • Crime prevention. A pretext for tightening up unconstitutional laws, as in the US?
  • Peacekeeping. With NATO and UN, hi-jacked and corrupted by the globalists?
  • Climate change. Solar contribution is significant, but not yet understood. Sweeping policy decisions based on that is pseudo-scientific sectarian madness. What if it turns out that solar effects over-ride anthropogenic influences on climate?
  • Cost of drugs. Who says they are good for us and there is no substitute? Why are we increasingly sicker?
  • Proportional representation. Does it matter in an age of election fraud and corruption of lawmakers by the lobbyists?
  • Food security. Grow more GMO and unhealthy foods just to provide quantity?
  •  Fish farms. Given the depletion of natural stocks and water pollution, is it a good thing or bad? Depends on the level of poisoning in farmed fish, compared to irradiated and contaminated free-range fish.

By piotrbein