Germany, Qatar and the war in Syria

Newsletter 2013/04/15 – In an Alliance with the Dictatorship

BERLIN/DOHA (Own report) – The Prime Minister of Qatar, who is also
the country’s Foreign Minster, is arriving in Berlin today for talks
on the war in Syria and on strengthening economic cooperation. Since
some time, this Persian Gulf dictatorship has been one of Germany’s
closest allies in the Arab world. As in the 2011 war on Libya, it is
supporting Islamist rebels today in Syria, who are seeking to topple a
government combated by the West. Berlin’s cooperation with Qatar on
matters of foreign policy is being consolidated by economic
cooperation. German companies benefit from lucrative Middle East
contracts, while the Qatari ruling clan buys a significant amount of
shares in major German companies, such as Volkswagen and Siemens.
Qatar has been linking its financial support in France, to a
large-scale public relations campaign in the suburban slums. German
involvement in the war in Syria, will most likely also be a topic in
these talks with Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabir al Thani in Berlin.
A German Navy “reconnaissance” vessel is, currently, cruising again
off the Syrian coast. Experts believe that Syrian insurgents are also
profiting from information retrieved by this espionage.

By piotrbein