The 10 most popular articles on the Rebel Site in April 2013

  1. It’s time to put this 9/11 conspiracy thing to rest once and for all

  2. Boston Bombing: Craft International Trained Men At Bombing Location Before Attack

  3. FBI Agent In Charge Says Both Bombs In Black Backpacks – Photo Is Of Black Backpack but Zhokhar Tsarnaev’s Is White

  4. The Big Sleep

  5. Question: Why no ambulances, why no fire trucks, why no stretchers, why zero real emergency response?

  6. Proof That Eisenhower Murdered More Than One Million German POW In 21 Days

  7. Jewish Medical Center Treated All Bombing Victims

  8. Summary Of White Backpack Defense of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  9. Cheering Enslavement And Deception

  10. Child Porn Epidemic Among Pentagon Officials and US Government Employees

By piotrbein