Roy Tov: false flags, war on Netanyahu…

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Ultra-Orthodox Judaism Declares War on Netanyahu
“In the morning hours of May 2, 2013, Jerusalem Time, the political news everybody had predicted since the elections in January was announced. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Ultra-Orthodox Shas party announced…”
Buffet Completes Takeover of Israeli Company Active in Turkey
“On May 1, 2013, Buffett announced that he is buying the remnant 20% of Iscar for $2 billion; this shows the value of the company has increased substantially since 2006… I am not sure that Mr. Buffett understands Iscar capability to show profits when other leading companies in the field cannot…”
Israel Assassinates the “Freelancer of Terror”
“Mr. Mishal was assassinated—sorry, I meant “focused foiled”—near his place of work, the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. He was just 24….”
Israel Intelligence Directorate Sends America to War
“On April 28, 2013, there was a 4-hour long meeting, which according to official sources was the first one of the new government to deal with the War in Syria…75,000 American soldiers from commando and intelligence units would be accompanied by experts on chemical weapons and soldiers from…”
Israel to issue “White Money”
“…the title chosen was impossible to ignore. “White Money: Where did the Mizrahim disappear?” … The two other notes show men and would be issued during 2013, months before the female-notes. Bravo Bibi, at least you are consistent in your discrimination…”
False Flag Attack in Tunisia?
“Israel and Tunisia do not have diplomatic relations. Yet, every year Tunisia
allows the pilgrimage of thousands of Israelis to the El Ghriba Synagogue on
the island of Djerba…”

By piotrbein