Constitutional rights to copulate at any age

Subject: Fw: The constitutional right to fuck at any age.
Date: May 3, 2013 12:35:57 PM EDT
“Judge Edward Korman of United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York ordered the F.D.A. to make emergency contraceptives available over the counter to all women, with no age restrictions.”
The jewish judge and the jewyorktimes claim that the State has the right to do a legal end-run around parents..  They further claim that the public supports such a statist intervention in family life, and that only old fuddy-duddy republicans would object to such  statist intervention.
The traditional constraint on sexual freedom has been fear of pregnancy.  The Church, the Family, and local communities have always forbidden  what the Jews have called polymorphous perversity, including children f–king, especially girl children.
The Jews and the Liberals call this inequality, that boys and girls should be considered equal in this regard.  Such stupidity can only come from abstracted fanatics.  Girls have wombs and boys do not.  Girls carry the organic shrine of the womb for the family’s future, and themselves of course.
One of the reasons for the notion of immaturity and “minor” status for kids is that they lack judgement.  The law recognizes this totally.
But along come the liberals and Jews….boys and girls are Equal.
Then Sexual Freedom is considered a Right for minors.  Parental Authority is rejected.
The Family is the bedrock of all social instiutions, and the Liberal State and any revolutionary State always attacks it.  The family is shelter for children, even if a dopey adolescent does not agree and wants to be Free.
Sexual Freedom is a curse, but of course our biology, constituted over hundreds of thousands of years of very different conditions than we now experience, prods us to copulate under conditions of modern life that never existed until very recently.
Scarcity of resources is gone, and Group Survival is not longer a biological issue.  Group Survival is now a political issue, not biological.
Jews and LIberals, especially Jews, want Whites to subordinate themselves to Jews, and Coloreds.  That is another issue.
Reducing the authority of Family, local Community, and Church drives the child and individual into the waiting arms of the totalitarian state and Freedom…the freedom to lose one’s racial, religious, and community identity.
Freedom is the seductive call from the totalitarians who would  have the State , thru its propaganda, subtly dominate the lives of isolated individuals.
Humans are social animals.  Replacing the authority of the family with crazy Ideas from the State is the beginning of the end.
So, all you kids out there, f–k yourselves silly, give your parents the raised middle-finger, and love your Liberators…the Jews, Obongo, and all  the negro mother-f–kers.  And don’t forget your dope…it too makes you feel good, feel Free.
Also, remember who set you free and vote Democratic.  It’s a free country.
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Subject: Putting Politics Ahead of Science
Date: Friday, May 3, 2013, 9:06 AM
OPINION   | May 03, 2013
EDITORIAL:  Putting Politics Ahead of Science
The Obama administration’s compromise on reproductive rights will hurt girls and women and is bound to undermine the president’s credibility.

By piotrbein