The farce of Big Boy transnational corporatocracy

Subject: Joe on Capitalism (the farce of Big Boy transnational corporatocracy)
Date: May 4, 2013 6:38:12 AM EDT
Another great one from Brother Joe. Shall we call him the ‘Big’ Balls professor!
[BC- If you get a chance check out Chevy. Do this after their tube ad of Chevy, Apple Pie and America]
Don’t know if I sent this one out. I’m packing for Disney Land and busy as a bee. If you get a few extra copies of something forgive me. Also, if your email questions go unanswered it’s cuz we’ll be splashing in the water…
My take is that Joe should drop his last name. He could use a nom de guerre   -recall Lenin, Stalin, the writings of Marx’s general (Engels)?-    and join some large cyberspace group. He could reach a plethora of numbers by utilizing newbee verba for the pariah people, the trojan hoss in America and Europe.
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Subject: NYTimes. Starbucks, etc. tax cheats on their own country….us.
Date: May 2, 2013 10:30:26 PM EDT
Presumably, Starbucks and Apple are seen as a US country, but they scam us.
“Starbucks could get away with paying no taxes in Britain, and Apple can get away with paying little in the United States relative to the profits it makes, thanks to what Edward D. Kleinbard, a law professor at the University of Southern California and a former chief of staff at the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, calls “stateless income,” in which multinational companies arrange to direct the bulk of their profits to low-tax or no-tax jurisdictions in which they may actually have only minimal operations.”
Capitalism for the poor and Socialism for the rich.  That was in the bad old leftie days…slogan.  Now under Globalism, it is still capitalism for the poor…compete with third world low-wage workers, but the rich corporations can evade taxes in spades.
This is the new world disorder, with no  business loyalty to country, not to mention race of course.
Apple bites our butts, etc.  It is that simple, and international elites laugh all the way to the bank, as their putative ‘countries’ of origin twist in the financial wind.
We need a nationalist economy, with corporations and companies regulated to ensure that they work primarily for the social benefit of our country.   Today, wages are stagnant or falling…everybody can see that, and remember, mexicans are
Good for you, and who cares if ordinary wage and salary workers cannot buy the stuff that keeps a consumer economy going.  Apple and all the global corporations will just sell the stuff to non-Americans.  Their bottom line is no longer dependent on the economic health of the US.  That is what Globalism means…no loyalty to country or to people/race/citizens.
Do we have a country or an economy?  That is fundamental.  But soon we will have neither.  Country wrecked by immigration and economy wrecked by globalism.  Thank the liberals.
Subject: Apple’s Move Keeps Profit Out of Reach of Taxes
Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013, 7:14 PM
LATEST NEWS   | May 02, 2013
HIGH & LOW FINANCE:  Apple’s Move Keeps Profit Out of Reach of Taxes
Apple’s move to sell bonds while holding huge amounts of cash is one example of how corporations “legally” avoid paying taxes.

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