Jim Kirwan: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Created on 07 May 2013
Written by Jim Kirwan
In ordinary life most people find that their lives are divided into various tracks upon which they attempt to monitor what they’re doing, and what they might expect to gain. When one area; say your love-life skyrockets, that is usually offset by some disaster on the job, or in health or your monetary situation—the whole thing seems to function very erratically with a single exception. ‘Almost never are all the interests in your life moving in the same direction or with the same degree of momentum.’ When that happens each person that recognizes this fact must stop and re-evaluate what allowed this very unusual event to happen.
Hence the title of this note: The entire globe has reached a point where virtually everything is all now balanced on the head of the very
last pin ­ before everything falls directly into the open jaws of Hell.
Israhell & USI have been kicking the entire Middle-East around for over sixty years trying to force the people living there to unconditionally surrender to two Outlaw Nations that want to own everything in all the ancient nations of the world. Their failure to conquer anyone except Palestine is vividly clear—and even Palestine has still not been subdued.
We tried a new tactic with Libya which amounted to the total obliteration, slaughter and permanent destruction of that entire country—but there is now nothing left to steal, and the land itself has become just another open sewer for the bandits to gloat over, but that’s all that the charade succeeded in “creating”. Apparently the same fate awaits Syria, Lebanon & Iran unless the world intervenes.
The United Nations should to be dissolved, immediately because as a “global-organization” they are nothing but paper-pushers compounded by totally corrupted “peace-keepers” that only rape, pillage and plunder whenever they are invited-in to any of all the places where we have left wreckage in the wake of our attacks, that have become too numerous to list.
In the current case Israhell has been breaking UN mandates and resolutions since the day that they were supposedly recognized by the pirates of the United Nations. Israel cannot be believed about anything to do with the Middle-East or anywhere else for that matter, and the whole world knows it!
No one will “stop” Israel or USI, where either of these blood-thirsty warmongering places set their sights on any other target. It is way past time that the world should end the farce which the UN claims to manage. At the very least Americans should demand that the UN headquarters be evicted from New York, and all their activities be declared ILLEGAL, because they are criminals and always have been!
Of course USI has been trying to do the same thing to Americans that the UN tries to do to the world—and Amerikan-corporate-pirates are no better than the savages sent out by the U.N. Amerika’s criminally-political parties simply create each day, new ways to screw the public, out of every cent they might possibly have earned.
But now this treasonous-USSA-government is also facing something as hauntingly familiar, as what Israel has just done to Syria. Now both Israhell & USI have reached the point where they must decide what to do about their gargantuan over-reach or pay the price for their global-crimes both at home and abroad. Any government, in this world, can only push other people just so far and NO FARTHER!

The people of the world are about to go hunting

For Zionists, for traitors and for criminals!

Much to the chagrin of the current hunters, their former prey

Is about to prove far better at changing places

Than anyone in ‘power’ ever dreamed they could be!

Just look at the whole situation. The entire monetary system has been smashed into nothing that is usable. Americans have been told their guns will now be taken, because to this government the states right to block the fed’s seizure of private weapons is Unconstitutional: According to Obama & Holder (both of whom are unindicted traitors and war-criminals) who supplied hundreds of illegal guns themselves to the Drug Cartels, south of what used to be our southern border but which is now no longer even guarded. (1)
Americans too have now been targeted by the Zionists by Amerikan-traitors, and by this criminal government that couldn’t be trusted to ‘take-out-the-garbage’ much less to run a nation of 340 million people. (2)
No one gives a fuck about anything but the tens of billions, even trillions of failing dollars that are being stolen from everyone that works here. Our so-called people have no depth, no emotions and no future: Ironically they really are too dumb to even realize that glaring fact. And yet around the world right now it seems that every single catastrophe is waiting for decisions to be made, and no one except maybe that shitty-little-place called Israhell will dare to take that final step.
An excellent example of what this world has become can be clearly understood in an article from Iranian TV that appeared yesterday.

“Turkish authorities are engaged in trafficking body organs of injured Syrians that are taken to Turkey for treatment, a report says.

Syria’s official news agency SANA cited a report by Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar published on Saturday that Turkish authorities transfer young injured Syrians to certain hospitals in the Turkish cities of Antakya and Iskenderun.
The report added that the Turks leave the injured Syrians alone to die after their body organs are removed in the hospitals. The dead are later sent to the Syrian border region to be buried.
Turkish doctors have confirmed that out of 62,000 injured Syrian civilian and military people who were transported into Turkey, body organs of over 15,600 of them were excised and their bodies were sent back into Syria to be buried,Ad-Diyar stated.
Turkish officials have made no comments over the issue so far.
The Lebanese newspaper also states that the body organs including livers, kidneys and hearts are given to people waiting for treatment in Turkey.
Ad-Diyar said European scientific websites acknowledged that body organ transplantation operations had increased in Turkey over the past two years, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.
The Syrian government says the chaos that began over two years ago is being orchestrated from outside the country.”
k) ­ And since the world’s leading black-marketer for human body parts is none other than ISRAHELL, there is little doubt who is running this bone-chilling inhuman-series of crimes. This amounts to selling off parts of 15,600 from a resource pool of 62,000 people.
“Several international human rights organizations have said the militants are committing war crimes in Syria.” (3)
If for no other reason Israel ought to be ripped apart by an outraged world—yet nothing is ever done—and like so many other massive crimes, this one only just now managed to even be exposed. In a world that has become this calloused, this hardened, to the plight of those we allow to be slaughtered like herd animals: There is nothing that can be done so long as the planet remains silent.


And Societal Silence in the face of criminal acts

Or global-Treason has to equal Death

Wherever this occurs!

Here’s something that ought to make most people think. It’s about the fragility of the human-race and the planet we were suppose to share with everything that lives ~ at one point in our past the human race was reduced to something like 18,000 mating people, down from a global population that rivaled what we’ve been working toward today.
The destruction of the weather patterns and the resources of the entire earth has happened before, in part, but it was done by nature in the course of universal changes: Mankind was never as arrogant as we’ve become today which is why the end of us will not nearly be as tragic as most suppose. Instead it might simply be the ending we’ve allowed “the very-special” among us to bring upon the entire world… (4)
It begins to look like our primitive ancestors were a hell of a lot smarter than we ever gave them credit for. But the real breakthrough they had, which we have already SURRENDERED, was the fact that they shared their efforts and their knowledge with each other which allowed them to prosper and to grow…
Apparently since we now mention “SECURITY” at least twice in every sentence, at a time when the world has never been more dangerous: It would seem that we have lost the ability to survive at all, much less any right we might have ever had to be free to live our lives—because we still seem to expect that “others” will do our fighting for us and that has never been true in any age…
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