Furore over Hawking's cancellation of his Israel trip in protest

Furore over decision of British cosmologist Stephen Hawking to cancel his Israel Trip in protest of Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians

The celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking became embroiled in a deepening furore today over his decision to boycott a prestigious conference in Israel in protest over the state’s occupation of Palestine.
Hawking, a world-renowned scientist and bestselling author who has had motor neurone disease for 50 years, cancelled his appearance at the high-profile Presidential Conference, which is personally sponsored by Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, after a barrage of appeals from Palestinian academics.
If Jewish billionaires Rockefeller and Rothschild idea of euthanasia was accepted by western
societies, such genius as Stephen Hawking had no chance to survive. Thanks the God
Christian morality wins as for now. So Hawking’s protest should include both:
treating Palestinians and disable people like subhuman.                                               file:///E:/Rockefeller%20crime%20syndicate.htm
Before the WWII American Society of Eugenics and Birth Control League was dominated by Jewish doctors and activists and it was supported by Rockefeller’s money. In American journal Birth Control Review (1933) Nazi doctor Ernst Rudin wrote that Hitler was interested in ideas of euthanasia and abortion supported by American organizations and Nazis applied them in concentration camps later. In that time sick ideas born in heads of Jewish ideologues and billionaires were not accepted by American Christian majority but as example of Roe v. Wade case shows we made the first step in introducing politics of “death culture” (as Pope John Paul II called it).
So we already opened Pandora box. What is the next step – eugenics?
Abortion business in USA is dominated by Jews. Both abortion and eugenics are anti-Christian ideas.
John Tulsky

By piotrbein