Jim Stone: Jenin – what I never published

[PB: Jenin massacre took place in April 2002]

Jenin – what I never published

Created on 10 May 2013
Written by Jim Stone

I am going to put my Jenin story here – what I never published.
It all started when I saw photos of a nice building in Afganistan before and after destruction by U.S. forces. And the thought I had was “I thought Afghans lived in mud huts and caves, where did that building come from” and I knew I had been lied to. So I googled “destroy arab building” and instantly landed on Israeli demolitions in Palestine. My eyes were open. I then quickly knew that the destruction of Jenin had started.
I was blown away – I could not believe my hero – the Jew, would be so horrible. And the method of destruction was so complete, it was like how Microsoft smashed it´s competition in the most filthy way, and then going back and forth over the rubble to crush whatever pieces of once was beyond all recognition – I was well aware of how evil Microsoft was because I knew many people in the software business that Microsoft had robbed and obliterated –
And that was the tactic I witnessed in Jenin. I stayed awake for 3 days, and after that the only rest I got was when I passed out on the floor. I was a pianist at the time and had nothing scheduled and a pile of cash to get by on, so I went as deep as one could go into the subject,
I got ahold of people in Jenin. I managed to get one message through and a short response. They were on the third floor, trying to post pictures of what was going on from a cell connection, and knew they would eventually be dead. They had set up a page on an arabic web site and were trying to show the world what was happening. They knew when the soldiers would be there more or less, and after the killings they would go out and try to document what was going on without getting killed themselves. The soldiers were lazy and were not so consistent in their lock down that you could not photograph the streets around you if you were aware and determined, but you could forget escaping Jenin. That would be impossible . . . .
The pictures were small, aggravatingly small, (320 pixels) but they were horrifying. People smashed and mutilated in the oddest ways. Lots of brains blown out, entire families burned together in the street . . . . I guess the small size was somewhat advantageous because they were easy to upload which would be needed, but I really wished for better resolution, they uploaded thousands over a period of days,
They were afraid. The soldiers were going door to door grabbing people and putting them face first in the street, men women and children, and mostly shooting the men. Sometimes they would shoot them all.
Their last post was when they said their street was next. They never reported any bulldozings (they must have been in a section of Jenin that was spared that, at least at first).
Then silence.
Then the wait.
Then finally Israel let the UN fact finding mission in, which confirmed that almost the entire city had been damaged by bulldozers and that over half had been destroyed beyond repair and an absolutely enormous section that was flattened to sand and smelled of death in a way that people who entered the scene said was “horrific beyond belief”.
When the final death toll of “52” was released, it was more than a lie, it was an insult. From the pictures alone there were over a thousand deaths recorded. And it is obvious that they could not have come anywhere close to photographing them all. Then the hard drive the pictures were on got hot for no reason I could think of, and died. Dammit. It was a major loss and I strongly suspect that it was intentional sabotage.
After that I knew Israel did 911 and that particular hive was far beyond any other in history for it’s evil, at least the great horrible people in the past did not hide their crimes under a false flag and silence. The Israelies are evil people, believe it folks, – without match.

This is Jenin, the so-called “refugee camp” that was just destroyed by Israel.

It looks a lot more like a modern city to me, and it was.  These people built this city over the last 30 years on the site of the Jenin camp.  Talk about rising from the ashes!!

This is what it looked like from the field in the background of the first picture. What Israel did definitely exceeds the World Trade center disaster, more comparable I’d say, to Hiroshima. Destruction.
Israel accomplished this and what appears in the following photos with BULLDOZERS ALONE, something that could not have been done if the Palestinians really were armed and dangerous.

That just so happens to be the D-9, largest bulldozer Caterpillar ever built up until the D-11, which Israel has switched to now that something even bigger is available. The operator is sitting 12 feet off the road, That is the type of machinery Israel used to destroy this city.  In the air conditioned room on top, there are sleeping quarters paid for with U.S. tax dollars. With machines like this, Israel has introduced a new type of warfare.  Notice, it’s #82.  The resident of this building,obviously a very tall man when you look at the car, is helpless.  The dozer was too heavy for the road.

This is a picture of the D-11 from the front.  Notice the hand rails? How many people could stand on top?.  Of course, the Israeli models have the bullet proof cabin on top, and lack the handrails, which would be ripped off when punched through the side of a building. I was not joking about the sleeping quarters.  Here are the specs:

Model: Caterpillar D11

Capacity of blade: 35.5 cubic metres
Weight: 102.5 tonnes (205,000 pounds)
Horsepower: 850
Cost: $1,900,000
Diesel Consumption 100 litres

They unleashed more than 80 of these on Jenin.  That’s how they destroyed such large buildings. They used a bulldozer that was designed for breaking up rocks in mining projects, so buildings, which have air inside, go over without effort.  Yes, to those of you who still can’t believe it, Israel did in fact push over buildings that ranged from three to six stories.
It is sad that Israel is using a machine associated with progress for the purpose of destruction, it is a perversion.

Why has Israel blocked the UN fact finding mission?

OOPS! it happened more than once . . . . .

Even with a very large bulldozer, some parts of some buildings are just too strong so they get this machine out.  Even after everything else, this one suprised me. These “soldiers” know a thing or two about demolition. A steel mill I once worked for had one just like it, for chipping away steel that was stuck to the inside of 120 ton ladles.  We called it the “nosepicker”, but I’m sure the no-longer residents of Jenin called it something else. Notice the hillside in the background littered with rubble?  This presentation is not using photos of the same area taken from different angles to make it look bad.

This one was not destroyed by bulldozers, so it is easy to see from this picture what Israel’s intentions were. It is also easy to see why bulldozers are preferable over other methods of destruction, because they eliminate all evidence of what people once were. This will leave a shell behind.

The pictures take the first step into disturbing after this.

Israel accomplished this and what appears in the following photos with BULLDOZERS ALONE, something that could not have been done if the Palestinians really were armed and dangerous.

Where’s Daddy? Many of the men are dead, which is evidenced by the fact that there are many pictures of women with children alone, with no man present. They definitely killed all the men who did not hide well enough.

This is one of the red roofed buildings in the first Jenin photo, my guess is the five story one. It was obvioulsy important to these people, AND, this picture alone proves the Israeli lies, as none of the red roofed buildings in the first Jenin picture were inside the area Israel claimed to have stayed within.

It looks to me like she lost more than the house.

We will find daddy soon.

It’s amazing how a bulldozer
turns everything into trash.

“You see, there were these terrorists hiding under the road, in the water pipes!”

Notice the Pokemon shirt?  Does your kid have one?

Of course, if these people offer any sort of response to Israel, it will only be called terrorism.  This is because these people lack an army, so the response cannot technically be called war.  That makes them disposable, right?  How there could be so much destruction without any deaths? Israel claims almost no one died.  Do you think these people peacefully let this happen to them? would you?

They are obviously all watching the same thing, probably another dream being destroyed. To the people of Israel: You may have fooled the world, but you cannot fool God.


There had to be a reason why Israel blocked the fact finding mission.  I have found it.  Israel claims that only 50 or so lives were lost.  With the complete destruction of Palestinian public records (covered later) it is impossible to know how many really were killed but after six days of searching I have concluded that the numbers are probably between three and five thousand.  They did a fairly good clean up job, but plenty was left behind for a fact finding mission to condemn them with.

It’s sad to see that this people learned nothing from World War II.  Photo op!!

This is the type of thing Israel wants to hide.  See the rotting brains?

This mother and three children, photographed by Palestinemonitor.org, were doused in gasoline and lit on fire alive. What is worse – That photographer I mentioned earlier got worse stuff than this, which consumed 10 gigs of hard drive space (I had thousands of photos) and that drive got nuked. History was forever lost, his photos cannot be found anywhere other than the few I have in this article.

This may be the dad.

I thought no civilians died.  This man has not been able to leave to bury them without being shot, so they are just laying there, rotting.  That’s a nice way to remember mom.  War crime? Nazi style?
This was done to these people in the wake of 911, which was occupying the media at the time. The reason Israel claimed for doing this was that there were suicide bombings taking place. Well, I did an investigation into the suicide bombings, and found out they were fake. Israel was killing Palestinians who lived in an area they wanted to destroy, removing their organs and wrapping them around explosives, which were then set off in non – Jewish public areas in Israel. Interesting it is that with all the “suicide bombings” not a single Israeli was ever killed nor was Jewish owned property destroyed. Study it out. You will find it true. Israel was always quick to discover who the bomber was, with a perfect ID back to the neighborhood within 30 minutes of each bombing every time and bulldozers arriving within a couple hours. Well, that’s flatly impossible, unless you set it up. DNA tracing takes days, and the subsequent investigation weeks, and NO ONE would tell Israel where to go bulldoze their children. If the attacks were real, they would be done in secret. I lost that page of this investigation but am sure I have it somewhere. I will post it here when I find it.

“Suicide bombings are fake, that’s all there is to it. After all, it makes no sense to have ANYONE who was successful in carrying out an attack die automatically, never to return to a second success!” – Jim Stone.

I have talked to countless Muslims about the suicide bomber issue, and never met a single one who EVER knew of anyone who wanted to be a suicide bomber, with the only references being quotes like “he was just a quiet man, no one ever knew he was involved in this.” My guess is that the so called suicide bombers are unaware that they “will be” up until the moment they are shot to have their organs stolen.
by Riad Abdelkarim
Salaam, dear friends:
After visiting the Jenin refugee camp yesterday (Sunday), I feel ashamed to be part of a world that has allowed such a monstrous crime to occur.
All of the pictures on the internet, the images on satellite television, the thousands and thousands of words written already about this crime by others, my previous witnessing of the destruction in Khan Yunus, Rafah, and Bethlehem–did not prepare me adequately for the scenes of devastation and despair that I witnessed.
I know, too, that my words cannot paint a thorough picture of what I felt walking through the camp yesterday, but I would like to share a few “random thoughts” and sample observations, upon which you may individually reflect. Please pardon the random, disassociated nature of these thoughts (as this is not reflective of my usual writing style). Honestly, I am so numbed by what I have seen that the rush of emotions blurs the cohesiveness of my thoughts. But I feel I owe it to the people of Jenin to say something, anything.
Upon entering the camp and passing a huge mound of rubble–the remnants of a building–a horrible, foul, spine-tingling odor struck me. It was the smell of death. We have all heard about it–seen survivors of this massacre talk about it–but I somehow did not expect it to still be present one-and-a-half weeks after the Israeli pullout. Yet there it was, greeting the dozens upon dozens of foreign and NGO delegations walking through the camp. Nobody knows how many are buried underneath, but there is no question that life was extinguished below this mound of rubble.
Camp residents were walking around as if in a trance, still clearly not able to comprehend–or accept–the wholesale destruction of their homes. It was as if the entire camp was drugged.
Everywhere I went, there were stories of terror. Stories of executions. Stories of huge D-11 Caterpillar bulldozers that would knock down a home with a single push…with entire families still inside. The story of the 85 year-old partially blind man whom I visited in a Jenin hospital. He had been struck by shrapnel from an Apache helicopter shell fired at his home. The story of a young man who lost his right leg and part of his right hand when his home was shelled as well.
The story of an 18-year old boy killed in front of his home. We sat to offer our condolences to his uncle and cousin. Then I learned that the boy’s mother was shot–also in front of the house–a mere 24 hours later. She too had died. This was a double tragedy.
Stories of ambulances prevented from entering to evacuate the injured and dead. Stories of women being virtually strip searched by soldiers before being allowed to escape the camps. Stories like that of the young man who was used as a “human shield” by the crew of an APC searching a school. They would open each door to a classroom and push him inside, to test for any booby traps. Stories like the old man who stated he had lived in his home in the camp for 50 years. “What will I do now? Where will I go?” He walked away, stooped over, with a tear welling up in his eye.
The story of the woman who said she had received donations of food, but had no gas or electricity with which to cook them. Multiple stories of burned out bodies of victims pulled from the rubble, days after they were killed. Stories of curfew and snipers. The story of the mosque whose loudspeaker was used as a toilet by Israeli soldiers.
A version of this article was first published on Jimstonefreelance.com.

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