Debate about Combat Drones in Germany

Newsletter 2013/05/15 – Breath-Taking Progress

BERLIN (Own report) – The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)
is propagating in favor of the deployment of combat drones. The
influential think tank, headquartered in Berlin, has published an
opinion poll indicating that more than two-thirds of the German
population are in favor of using Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles or
UCAVs in warfare. The results of this poll can be found in the current
edition of “Internationale Politik,” the journal published by the
DGAP. The journal extensively treats the subject – with an unambiguous
tenor: UCAV development is characterized as an “enormous technological
leap” that the German armed forces cannot evade. The authors consider
the construction of combat drones, which, based on artificial
intelligence can quasi “autonomously” carry out killer functions
without human intervention, to be a “logical consequence.” The PR
campaign, launched by the DGAP, accords with the German government’s
intention to increase the reliance on UCAVs in future wars.

By piotrbein