German revisionism rising

Newsletter 2013/05/17 – Protest against Potsdam

AUGSBURG/MUNICH (Own report) – In the run-up to this weekend’s annual
“Sudeten German Convention,” the Bavarian regional government has
announced the introduction of a memorial day in commemoration of
German resettlement. Beginning 2014, the second Sunday in September
will annually be dedicated to the commemoration of the German victims
of “flight, expulsion and deportation” as a result of the Second World
War. The designation of this memorial day is one of the German
political establishment’s measures, to seek to embed the notion that
the resettlement was “an injustice” in the mindset of future
generations. Based on this – historically erroneous – opinion, Germany
can raise advantageous political claims vis à vis Eastern and
Southeastern European countries. Besides the creation of a memorial
day, Bavaria is also supporting, with 20 million Euros, the
establishment of a “Sudeten German Museum” in Munich. The German
Bundestag has earmarked another 10 million Euros to the project. An
exposition, which could serve as the centerpiece of the museum, put
the legitimacy of the founding of Czechoslovakia into question, using
controversial quotes from Nazi sources. The Bavarian prime minister
will be honored, with a Sudeten German Homeland Association award at
Sunday’s events for his support of the “expellees.”

By piotrbein