Germany's pro-'rebel' role in Syria

Newsletter 2013/05/23 – In Rebel Territory (IV)
DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – In light of the recent Syrian
government’s military successes, the German government seeks to
stabilize rebel controlled areas in northern Syria. While demands for
a comprehensive arms buildup for rebel militias are becoming louder,
the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs is positioning aid
organizations to intervene. Aid organizations, such as the German Agro
Action, are – in principle – sworn to neutrality and non-partisanship,
however, at the demand of the German government, they are taking up
activities in regions under rebel control, aimed at “winning hearts
and minds” in favor of the rebels. Because this is in clear violation
of Syria’s sovereignty, an influential German daily has characterized
this mission as “humanitarian intervention without a UN mandate” –
“not with tanks and infantry but with trucks and development aid
workers.” Germany is promoting insurgents also in areas under Islamist

By piotrbein