Idiot useful to extreme Ukrainians

Idiot useful to extreme Ukrainians

Piotr Bein 28.5.2013
I was graced with this idiotic mail from Michael Shelby Because he threatens me at the end, I do not hesitate to reveal his email and IP:

I am a political activist with solid knowledge of Ukraine’s history and politics. I am a retired independent political activist not affiliated with any institution or organisation now.
The issues described below have been neglected for so long by researchers and politicians, and they must be thoroughly researched if International justice issues are taken seriously.
The Ukrainian nation has the most tragic history of all European nations. Because of its natural resources and its strategic location, Ukraine was frequently invaded, conquered, divided and heavily oppressed by neighbouring imperialist powers in particular Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and Germany, especially in the bloodiest 20th century. Despite joint efforts of those imperialist powers to enslave and to eventually destroy the Ukrainian nation (especially the Ukrainian language, culture and religion), the Ukrainian nation survived and gained long overdue independence in 1991. So the Ukrainian nation did not pursue imperialism – conquest of other nations’ territory and subjugation of other nations, but waged a legitimate struggle for liberation of Ukraine from foreign occupation and from foreign oppression, and for self-rule for the Ukrainian nation. Why is this most important fact ignored by anti-Ukrainian forces as to who the aggressors, conquerors and oppressors of Ukraine were to justify criminal policies of imperialist powers aforementioned?
On the basis of preliminary secret agreement to divide Europe between Nazi Germany and the Russian Communist Empire (USSR) and by invading Poland in 1939 the Second World War was launched jointly by imperialist Nazi Germany and the imperialist Soviet Union (the Russian Communist Empire territorially the largest in the world that had enslaved over 100 nations).
The biggest crimes of the 20th century were committed by both the Soviet communist and Nazi Germany regimes that sought world conquest and domination (dozens of millions of people of many nationalities were exterminated). Ukraine’s losses in the 20th century suffered especially from Soviet Russian and Nazi German rule are staggering and unsurpassed (human losses alone may be over 20 million).
Falsifiers of Ukraine’s history should be reminded of this truth (these undeniable facts) so that they remember this truth for as long as they live! Truth and justice (punishment for crimes committed by aforementioned imperialist powers against the Ukrainian nation) must prevail!
The Ukrainian nation has the legitimate right to demand financial and material compensation for crimes against the Ukrainian nation committed especially by Russia, Germany and Poland on the lawful basis of Germany’s compensations to many nations for Nazi German crimes.
I wish advocates of International justice could raise this issue in their publications, speeches, in the mass media, with appropriate government officials in Ukraine, the EU, the USA, Canada and with the International Criminal Court.
There are a lot of publications with falsified history of Ukraine to whitewash and to justify oppressive criminal foreign rule in Ukraine (especially publications by Russian and Polish historians). I expose falsifications of Ukraine’s history. I also promote the righteous interests of the Ukrainian nation and of Ukraine as a sovereign independent country. I oppose biased smear anti-Ukrainian propaganda.
Do you support the following statements?
a) As an ethnic minority in the Soviet Russian Empire Jews were disproportionately highly represented in communist parties, in Soviet state security agencies and other repressive anti-people communist power institutions. Therefore Jews actively participated in unsurpassed communist crimes in large numbers. Just explore the information on Lazar Kaganovich (butcher of Ukraine through artificial famine), Leon Trotsky (commander-in-chief of the Red Army), Genrikh Yagoda and many other communist Jews in power. A lot of ordinary Jews also actively supported communism.
b) Communist crimes must also be prosecuted and punished as Nazi crimes have been. Truth and real justice (punishment for all crimes) must prevail.
c) The issue of financial and material compensations for communist crimes especially by Russia as the birthplace of communist power must also be resolved as Germany paid compensations for Nazi German crimes to many nations including Jews for the Holocaust.
Nowadays anti-Ukrainian forces (especially Russia’s officials and political forces) actively wage biased smear propaganda to distort the truth about the Ukrainian Liberation Movement of the past and to undermine positive developments in Ukraine and Ukraine’s independence to push Ukraine to inferior position in all respects. Now Ukraine is again in enormous danger from disguised Russian neoimperialism that has intensified its efforts to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty since 1991 by interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, to eventually eliminate Ukraine’s sovereignty, to dominate and to control Ukraine economically, politically, militarily and even linguistically and religiously through present continuation of preserved past Russification in Ukraine. Using common sense this neoimperialist policy of Russia is against International Law. The European Union and the USA do not oppose Russian expansionist neoimperialist policies and violations of International Law by Russia adequately and effectively which can lead to grave consequences for global security.
I urge politicians, historians, journalists, political scientists and activists to promote historical and political truth about Ukraine in their publications and speeches and to expose contemporary biased anti-Ukrainian historians and political forces.
Let me know your thoughts on the issues raised by me in this letter.
28.5.2013 at 1:51 am

So I let him know my thoughts as requested: Hi, You peddle propaganda that sounds Judeo-communist to me:
– Poland has not been an imperialist power by any stretch of the imagination
– Ukraine is not an angel you paint, committed atrocities against Polish civilians during WW2
– not Russia but the Judeocentric Power Complex threatens regional and global security and peace…
You are a confused guy, venturing into subjects you have hasbara-like ideas about, using Judeo-bolshevik language, too.
Why would a retired activist do it? Do they pay you for this garbage?
cheers – pb
if you want my views, visit:
Michael persisted:

Hi, Your nonsense about my alleged Judeo-communist propaganda is astounding. You haven’t read my previous letter to you attentively, in which I condemned unsurpassed communist crimes and the Jewish role in them as well. So you deliberately falsely accuse me of Judeo-communist propaganda. You call yourself an expert in history but the truth does not matter for you.

Poland was an imperialist power in the past; as an aggressor it invaded and occupied foreign lands and ruled them (parts of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania for example) for quite a long time. Read the definition of imperialism because you don’t know it.

The current Russian regime really pursues neoimperialist policies. Since 1999 Russia has been building disguised dictatorship, not democracy. Russia tries to build a new Russian Empire (including by violent means) to subjugate and rule countries that in the past forcibly belonged to the highly oppressive and criminal Russian Empire (both tsarist and communist).

I do not support regional or global hegemony by any nation or power.

You haven’t presented any valid arguments or facts to support your views against mine. In my previous letter I pointed out only the underlying original causes of Ukraine’s tragedies inflicted on Ukraine by criminal policies of imperialist powers of the past especially in the 20th century by Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and Germany.

Do you disagree that the Ukrainian nation was the biggest victim of crimes by imperialist powers aforementioned and suffered unsurpassed human and other losses among all European nations? I believe that for example Poles as occupiers and oppressors of Ukraine historically committed many more crimes against the Ukrainian nation than Ukrainians did against Poles.

I admit and condemn crimes especially against innocent civilian population on both sides.

I know what I am talking about. So do not invent what I did not say or mean.

Why do you not make a distinction between  aggressors, invaders, conquerors, oppressors on one side and fighters for liberation from foreign occupation and oppression as the original underlying cause of hostilities in this case with Ukraine?

Do not forget what truth and justice are all about.

So I told him to go to hell (where hasbara comes from): whatever…
your language and arguments are Judeo-communist…
hasbara agents often do what you have done, for deception of useful idiots; an astute analyst does not argue like Stalinist-Leninist propagandist but gives references or a link to own research papers;
I gave you a link to mine, you ignored them
take a hike, go to hell
MS: I have read a lot of authoritative historical and political publications on many issues that explain true causes of events.
You conceal and do not admit the most important truth about Ukraine’s history. In addition you behave like a real asshole abusing the language in this dispute with me and are intolerant to my differing views. Having no valid arguments against me you first for no valid reason used swear language against me. This really shows what kind of person and professional you are. Your writing to me is primitive (not argumentative) in content and full of English mistakes. Your accusations against me are false. So you go to hell! I know how to expose and to fight against people like you.
Never mind his factual “mistakes” in European history; he chose to dwell on typos made because my eyesight is poor and I did not bother correcting my email to this moron: I said go to hell, arrogant ingnorant!
MS: I will teach you a lesson for all your remaining lifetime so that you learn how to behave in a civilised way. You are an arrogant ignorant, not me. You have to learn the most important historical truth about Ukraine because you do not know it.

By piotrbein