John Kaminski: The debilitating shadow of oppression

The debilitating shadow of oppression

Created on 29 May 2013
Written by John Kaminski


How to describe it when three unexpected conversations in a row all express the same frightened frustration over a spreading sense of hopelessness that seems to be infecting everyone everywhere, and literally robbing us of the will to live?
Could there be such a thing as an epidemic of ‘failure to thrive’ disease, a phrase usually ascribed to newborns or toddlers who from lack of touch or lack of love lose interest in eating and often die from a trauma that can only be described as an overwhelming disappointment with life?
And is this now humanity’s fate based on our frustrating interactions with those who control our lives, our health, and our attitudes?
God knows there are so many examples of unsolvable negativity now that seem to defy remedies, and when answers are sought by well-meaning seekers whose brains are still actually working, all they get is a stonewall from the powers that be, using a befouled legal system to stymie simple solutions that would at least make people happy, that would at least show in some small way that the leaders we elected to protect us are at least doing that.
But that’s not what’s happening.
In the first chat, a friend in Australia puzzled over a trend in patients on the acute care ward who, despite being given the right treatment for their afflictions, were not recovering. Medical professionals who actually care — as opposed to the ones who simply push pills for cash and value yachts and Jaguars over the health of their patient victims — are at a loss for an explanation as to why these sick and injured people, receiving treatment that should make them better, are getting worse.
The second conversation was with a colleague who suffers from many of the frustrations that I do. After decades of sounding the alarm over an endless series of lies foisted on the public as official government truth, the tireless researcher Dick Eastman and I are both are punch drunk over the same unanswerable question:
“What paralyzes so many, John? Or don’t they really want to stop the crooks? Is this just a game not be taken seriously? Today, Paul Revere would be considered an entertainer. They would rate his voice. They would critique his riding style. They would peek out their window at the house next door to see if anyone was home.”
The third conversation best expressed both the frustration and fear of trusting the system that governs our lives to be of any worthwhile help to us. A friend got a spider bite which she was trying her best to ignore. “Call poison control,” I said. She did and was reassured there was nothing to worry about.
It kept getting worse. “Go to the hospital,” I said. To which she was responded: what possible help could they be? There’s nothing they could do except give me antibiotics, which wouldn’t help, plus I would have to recover from the allopathic medicine they gave me after I recover from the spider bite, and then pay the preposterous bill they would send me.
She is recovering. The body is its own best healer.
In each of these cases, there is a right answer that would solve the problem, but it is unattainable due to the conditions that have been set for us by the people who are supposed to be protecting us and caring for our health.
One traumatic atrocity after another has been put in our way, not by accident but by design, to get us to behave in a socially acceptable manner. Whether any of these manipulations are actually good for us is a question that is never really asked, except by the people who have been injured, abused, manipulated, mishandled and above all lied to by the societal systems that are supposed to keep us happy.
Why do we ever re-elect anyone? They’ve never done a good job, and are not doing one now. Yet over and over, every night on the TV news, they tell us our elected representatives are doing the best they can. And they never tell you what everybody who is not either on somebody’s big payroll or who is completely insane already knows.
They’re doing exactly the opposite of that. Like the doctors who poison you and get rich, so the politicians fleece you and get even richer. Why do we permit it? Why was 9/11 a complete failure of national defense, yet afterwards, everyone got promoted?
Latest example. Ellen Mariani was the only one among the relatives of those 3,000 Americans murdered by the false flag terror attack on 9/11 who wouldn’t take the government’s payoff to keep her mouth shut.
Martin Hill of reported recently that Mrs. Mariani and her lawyer were “sanctioned” for “offensive insinuations, unmistakably anti-Semitic” against the notorious Jewish judge Alvin Hellerstein, who was involved in all those other offensive decisions letting Israelis go free to return to their “university for budding crooks” (i.e., Israel) to later appear on television and testify that they were sent to New York prior to 9/11 “to document the event”. <>
Hellerstein, an ardent support of pathological Israeli causes, was put in charge of all 9/11 victims cases. Christopher Bollyn wrote in 2007:
Today, he controls all 9-11 victims’ cases, as well as the lawsuits filed by the thousands of New York City workers who became seriously ill or died as a result of their exposure to the smoking rubble.
More than 6 years after 9-11, not one victim’s case has gone to trial. Hellerstein has done everything under the sun to prevent a liability trial from occurring.
And that was seven years ago.
For a U.S. court with a Jewish judge to declare a defendant out of order for noting the Jewish coverup of all aspects of the 9/11 caper is indicative of the power of Jews to conceal any crime they want under the rubric of U.S. law which they themselves have created and/or undermined, and a primary contributor of this ‘failure to thrive’ syndrome that has America and the world in its grip.
For more on Hellerstein and the criminal nature of the U.S. legal system, see
But this is only one tiny incident in an avalanche of Jewish perversion of America’s so-called justice system that has people from all walks of life — not just the active exposers of Jewish perfidy down through time — in a state of wretched frustration over the failure of all Americans to correctly identify the source of their misery and distress.
Throughout the 20th century, great heroes have arisen to champion the causes of the common man. Charles Lindbergh Sr. and Jr., Henry Ford, Congressman Lewis McFadden, Huey Long, Joe McCarthy, John F. Kennedy — all of them tried to warn us about the lethal dangers of the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve, which now has Americans starving and homeless, or languishing in jail for trying to defend their evaporating freedoms. All of them, and more like them, were either buried beneath an avalanche of lies generated by a deliberately misleading Jewish media, or put in the ground after a bullet from the gun of a Jewish assassin.
Perhaps the greatest of them all wound up being silenced by both.
Like most Americans, growing up in the 1960s I was in the thrall of Jewish media, never realizing its Jewish underpinnings. Back then, George Lincoln Rockwell was a popular pariah in the pages of the Jewish press, in a society that was more concerned with drug-fueled peace demonstrations and the anarchistic allure of free love.
Such a strategy of destroying the existing social structure, distracted by the pursuit of pure pleasure as the foundations of the society of the greatest country on Earth absolutely fell apart.
Rockwell was the quintessential All-American boy, handsomer than Clark Gable, courageous Navy commander, and principled human being. Though he fought against the Germans in World War II, right afterwards he read Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and realized how wrong he had been. By then, the Jews had captured America and gotten it to destroy Hitler’s Germany, the strongest threat ever to the centuries-old worldwide Jewish financial hegemony.
By the late 1960s, thanks to the Jewish press, Rockwell had become the most infamous man in America, as the founder and driving force behind the American Nazi Party. It seems now, at this late date, that he is exactly the man needed for the job of stopping this unwilling slide of humanity into a Jewish-made sewer of totalitarian sadism.
Take a moment and read this short sketch of who George Lincoln Rockwell really was, and try in vain to guess who today even approaches his stature in terms of courage, common sense and devotion to truth. <>
And if you like that, try his short autobiography <> and scan for ideas you might utilize in this never-ending battle against the Jewish parasites who are killing the world.
Then compare these sentiments and slogans against the recent pronouncements of our esteemed vice president, the evil toadie Joe Biden, as he praised Jewish contributions to our society that have made America what it is today.
And what a mess it is.
Biden lauded the Jewish role in the promotion of diversity, whose unrestrained immigration policies have driven the nation into bankruptcy, chaos and overloaded prisons. He praised the liberation of homosexuals, which has destroyed the American family structure, and the Jewish influence on universities, which has completely obscured legitimate history as well as muddled the sciences with an overloaded emphasis on war making activities.
Biden went out of his way to praise by name Einstein and Salk, who gave us the most deadly technologies the world has ever known. And he called all these things “good”.
Compared to George Lincoln Rockwell, Joe Biden is a simpering wimp, beholden to the puppet masters who have no plan at all other than making all the non Jewish countries of the world into their own kosher playthings, and killing as many people as possible, just as they did in the Soviet Union, because they love the taste of blood, especially on Jewish holidays.
No one ever got a case of suicidal malaise listening to George Lincoln Rockwell as they do listening to Joe Biden. Above all, Rockwell was not afraid, and neither should you be. It’s a far better idea give your life for the world you hoped it would be than have it taken from you in a world that never was.
And best of all, fighting for what is right is the surest cure I know for losing the will to live because of what is wrong.
And still the morose morons moan: “What’re we going to do? They have all the guns and all the food!
Well, Jim Stone gave me a great idea the other day when he wrote about cellphone towers containing far more electrical potential than they need to transmit phone calls. I won’t say anything more about this except to say I don’t believe in violence AGAINST ANY LIVING THINGS (except ants, wasps and cockroaches).
Other ideas? Never use Facebook. It’s a recruitment registry for the FEMA camps.
Corporations, especially the food producers, are poisoning the world. Do whatever you can to screw up their production, and support your local farmer; in fact, become one yourself. Ever since I stopped eating out I’m feeling much better. At least patronize your local veggie stands and don’t forget to eat what you buy. Remember, corn and wheat are pretty much indigestible today. Eliminating them from your diet guarantees you’ll have to see a doctor much less frequently for the rest of your life.
Never watch TV. Don’t stay on your computer or other electronic device when you can be telling your neighbors what the hell is really going on.
Vote (if you feel the need to vote at all) all incumbents out of office, and demand of all new candidates for any office support a new investigation of 9/11, because the old one was so obviously a pack of lies.
But I don’t want to give you too many ideas lest I crimp your own imagination. Look within for ideas you know need to be implemented. And then implement them. Be creative, and subtle. Don’t confront people you know can hurt you down the line. Gather information and destroy them later.
Do not be afraid to speak to anyone about anything. Always remember that it’s your world, not theirs. If you are afraid to offend family members who won’t stop watching TV, tell them you feel sorry for them for not trying to save their own lives.
Do any or all of these things on a regular basis and you won’t have worry about losing the will to live, because you’ll be too busy fighting. And know for sure that in order to stay alive, you have to fight, and fight preferably for what is right, because if you fight for what is wrong, you won’t last long. Just ask a U.S. soldier.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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