Dick Eastman on defeating the bankster system

Two thoughts and a stroke of the butterfly’s wing

[listen to interview with Disk on Rense.com]
[…] They hold us slaves because they are opening the doors they want us to walk through, the are locking the doors they don’t want us to enter and they are making impossible to hold the ground we now hold  — that is until we open some doors ourselves  — until we determine that the doors they want us to walk into are fenced path leading to the slaughterhouse.  Our way out is to discover the best room we are locked out of, to find that locked door and to break off the lock and get the heck in there.   That locked door has been found and what is beyond it identified and known to be very good for all of us and our posterity.
When we all pull together in a certain way we can break the lock of ignorance  and enter  following the steps of:
1) debt repudiation, justified by the principle that fraud vitiates all contracts and our debt-based money system combined with usury and fractional reserve banking has been one giant fraud against the people;
2) nationalization of money creation as a public utility;
3) distribution of all new money through a national household dividend — debt-free money given to each person to create ample demand in the peoples hands to lift and sustain a self-sufficient economy;
4) the end of private money creation; 5) the dissolution of the corporation structure and its replacement with the single proprietorship and partnership structure;
6) the elimination of the income tax, which is a tax on meeting human needs;
7) change of the banking system so that banks cannot claim equity backing of the loan for more than half of the principal loaned, so that when they lend money they too assume risk of loss if the undertaking of the borrower fails  — so that banks will have a stake in the success of the economy in which they invest;
8) an excess wealth tax  and a few others  — all explained in the interview above conducted by Mike Harris —  the only time I have been able to lay out the entire program in one discussion with a man who understands the proposal and agrees with it. 
I have reason to think that a demonstration of the power of the “butterfly effect” is possible  — that I am launching a virus that is a remedy  — that it provides the hope that makes a turning away from evil an easy, rational and happy choice  — listen and see if it does not make you too want to flap your little wings and bring on future which the the Mammon Rothschild would rob from us.

By piotrbein