Jim, you have goofed out this time

Jim, you have goofed out this time

Piotr Bein 29.5.2013
Jim, your ad hominem hurts you, not Gundersen. You do not debate his technical points. Rod is a propagandist; it’s obvious from his covering-up for Fuku disaster, which I have followed extensively on PiotrBein.wordpress.com.
Rod has not shown any superior knowledge of nuclear reactors, but proved  a pathetic ignorance (if not trained propagandist language) of radiation effects on health. Rod’s acumen in both areas is classic nuclear lobby spin and deception: super-safe reactors; accidents fixable without greater consequences; miniscule, if any, effects on health…
Rod spinned, for example: no IMMEDIATE NUCLEAR casualties at Fuku. Why should there be? It was not Hiroshima bomb; low-level radiation acts mainly long-term, dispersed regionally and globally, its effects diluted in ”civilisational diseases” stats.
Rod’s riposts to technical discussions on his forum have been apologetic, dogmatic, dodging and outright deceptive — just read his forums and articles… In Rod’s cited material (Still spreading unwarranted fear…), he throws red herrings left and right, based on Arnie’s slip of tongue. Meltdowns were dosed with huge quantities of seawater, so sulphur isotope might have been created and made its way to the Pacific. Rod also ridicules Arnie’s adjective concerning the number of neutrons. Yes, for a laymen it is a huge quantity. If only Rod could tell us what the quantity of Fuku emissions to air, water and soil has been… Rod’s argument on plutonium measurements at Fuku are equally fishy-red: does it matter if this plutonium came from blown-up spent fuel pools or reactor meltdowns? Surely the fallout has substantially added to the background residues from atmospheric nuclear tests of the past. Does Rod believe chunks of spent fuel rods don’t contain plutonium?
In short, Rod’s pseudo-arguments are calculated for useful idiots and Jim has caught the hook. Rod does not address the crux of the matter:

  • inferior (relative to CANDU for example), potentailly dangerous reactor design, placed as if intentionally in tsunami and earthquake, populated zone
  • world’s biggest nuclear power plant catastrophe, multiple reactor meltdowns, plutonium-rich spent fuel blown up
  • improbable, mysterious failure of ALL safety backup systems – electric DC, AC and steam-powered
  • dissonant with official, tsunami-caused disaster narrative
  • local, regional and global disaster with long-term health consequences
  • preventive shut-down of nearly all Japan’s reactors – out of mistrust in own expertise within world’s top technical nation, or because of Israeli Stuxnet threat?
  • cover-ups and manipulations from the beginning: misinfo about emissions and doses received in Japan and America, doctoring the allowable dose standards, suppression of monitoring in Canada and USA
  • a barrage of standard nuclear lobby spin…

This proves to me that Rod is a lobby agent. Who has time and motivation to defend a lost and obviously wrong cause?
I don’t care if Gundersen has hands-on experience with reactors. It would be a liability, since such people have been brainwashed on the safety and health effects issues, as is evident in the majority of the s.c. nuclear physicists. They have no idea of the health effects but are most vocal in, and choke discussions about, the long-term effects on human health — a professional ethics violation, since one must not opinion publically outside of one’s expertise. But this just mirrors the nuclear lobby conspiracy since the beginning of the nuclear age: IAEA, the only UN agency officially representing private interests, has by decree taken over the health issues of nuclear power and weapons, by an early agreement with the WHO (who one would think should have authority on the subject). IAEA’s motto: nuclear health risks are psychological in nature and should be managed as such. So we have PsyOp agents like Rod.
Jim, do you have hands-on experience in ”operating” the Judeocentric Cabal? I do not, but as well as you and others do on The Rebel, I sniff out and debunk hasbara and the Judeocentric ”systems”.
Another example: doctors claim to have required qualifications and experience, but it is them who push Big Pharma’s genocidal therapies, vaccines and drugs on humanity.
In nuclear, I do not have degrees nor licences for reactors nor bombs, but for several years as a moderator of DU-Watch, with top-notch independent nuclear physicists, medical experts, jurists, activists, reporters…  we have successfully fended off Pentagon and Nuclear Lobby shills, agents provocateurs, propagandists and trolls of the Rod type, and much worse ones, too.
My paper about the depleted uranium deception is still on top of the reading list for independents, more recently published (2011) in a scientific publication Iraq Silent Death.
I do not care if Gundersen lacks what Rod claims, since what Arnie says makes sense, compared to the independents I grew to trust while fighting the nuclear lobby on DU-Watch (1999-2004). One of them is Ted Weyman, a professional at the independent Uranium Medical Research Centre in Toronto. Ted has vast hands-on experience in nuclear physics, radioactive weapons, reactors and nuclear medicine. He was the first to recognize the Fuku explosions as reactor meltdowns. Chris Busby of the Low Level Radiation Campaign extensively analysed skimpy irradiation data from Fuku and projected epidemiology for Japan and global. You can find their texts and analyses on PiotrBein.wordpress.com (Ted’s exclusively there, because the lobby severely persecutes him and he entrusted his material to me during the Fuku disaster).
These guys have risked own life and health in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, the Middle East where actions in public interest took them… Ted got radiation contamination at it. Chris was nearly killed in the Middle East by assassins. Ask Rod what he has risked – apart from serving on a nuclear submarine for the Pentagon, CIA or other Judeo-bankster instrument of oppression and enslavement of nations.
Did you ask Arnie, why he does not speak J about Fuku? Maybe he:

  • honestly does not know about, or does not believe in, Stuxnet and artificial tsunami (unfamiliar with your analyses?)
  • believes in it, but to remain one of a only few Fuku critics, does not say it publically?

The audience’s cognitive gap from Fuku J-stories is too much to overcome for any whistleblower, incl. Arnie. Want to try, Jim?  – then appear on CNN and RT…
Arnie has exposed much of Fuku scandal, in his own way. If he has not supported your thesis, perhaps you have not done as good a job? But that would not be a reason to go along with hasbara against Arnie, would it?

By piotrbein