FED GETS THE MESSAGE: Mexico "Just said no" to Drugs

FED GETS THE MESSAGE: Mexico “Just said no” to Drugs

Created on 31 May 2013
Written by Jim Stone
For the first of the resurrected “lost” articles I hunted down my favorite

This topic has been extensively whitewashed on all media outlets. What is here is the entire truth, with updates to address the lies used to cover this up

Fast and furious? The CIA was BUSTED using a U.S. embassy vehicle to run guns into Mexico, and the not so corrupt Mexican Federal Police caught them and did not agree. Here is the original, full, and unadulterated truth.
Two CIA agents, accompanied by a Mexican Navy Captain and a drug lord back country guide who were “officially” supposed to be on their way to a Navy base for training, were noticed by the Mexican Federal Police when they made a turn off the paved road and into the Mexican back country with an armor plated 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser, provided by the U.S. embassy in Mexico City.
Due to the suspicious nature of exiting a paved road with such a vehicle, the Mexican Federal Police tailed them in their 4 wheel drive Ford pickup, that was identical to the ones in this photo, and manned in exactly the same way:

After a 10 mile trek off the road, the CIA agents met their drug lord counterparts and made a deal which involved an exchange of weapons for cash. It was never reported how the Federal Police dealt with the Mexican side of the equation, but they obviously were more interested in the U.S. embassy vehicle, approached it after the deal was complete, and drew their weapons to force it to stop in CLEARLY OBVIOUS MEXICAN FEDERALI UNIFORMS, OUT IN THE WIDE OPEN, WHICH CANNOT BE MISTAKEN FOR ANYTHING ELSE.
Knowing they had little to fear in their armor plated diplomatic Land Cruiser, the CIA agents, drug lord guide and Navy officer figured they would run for it rather than stop. And in the back country, the Land Cruiser successfully evaded the Federalis. But it could not outrun a radio, and as soon as it got back up on a paved road, there was a full compliment of Mexican Federal Police there waiting for them, and they shot the Land Cruiser until it failed to function, armor plating be damned.

Despite how the Land Cruiser looks in the photos, the bullets never fully penetrated and none of the occupants were hurt (in the initial reports.) Subsequent white washes say the CIA agents were injured, to get a hospital lie started, to provide plausible cover against the punch line in this story, which is –
From the safety of the Land Cruiser, which the Mexican police were unable to shoot through, the 4 bastards called the Navy to send forces to rescue them. Once the Navy arrived, they drove off the Mexican Federal Police, rescued our 4 drug lord heroes, and took them to the Navy base in Acapulco where they sucked pinacoladas for about 17 hours and then flew out of Mexico via the Acapulco airport with new identities on fake passports issued by the US embassy in Acapulco.
I was put under pressure by the U.S. embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and officially labeled a hate site by them over this report, which is why I originally pulled it. (I will give the details surrounding this situation via private message and e-mail.) Because they subsequently back stabbed and flushed the individual they used to enforce this threat anyway, I am putting this report right back up.
And if you hear anything different about how the CIA got busted in Mexico, it’s a b.s. whitewash, the version here was from press releases happening within an hour of it starting and as it was happening.
Whitewashes include “the police were in a private vehicle” and therefore were not recognized as such, and “there were six people in the land cruiser, thus leaving no room for guns”, and “the CIA agents were hospitalized with injuries” to cover for the fact they flew out on fake passports in less than a day, and many more, including “the federalis started shooting at the range rover while it was on a toll road and they only left the toll road to avoid the gunfire” and other lies via the various outlets, but the bottom line is that it happened exactly as stated above, ACCORDING TO EVEN CNN (at first).
The Mexican Federal Police were subsequently punished (at least officially, but I doubt it) for getting in the way of business. But from what I have seen here, the Mexican government is actually serious about shutting this kind of activity down. The CIA will probably be more careful to avoid sticky situations after this.
And in closing, if (after reading the whitewashes) anyone doubts my faithful recording of these events, I ask them to please query their brains with this:

What were two CIA agents doing with a fully armored U.S. embassy vehicle 10 miles out in the Mexican back country, smack dab in the middle of the main drug smuggling zone while “officially” on the way to a Navy base for training?

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