A Pictorial History Of The US Government

A Pictorial History Of The United States Government


Please also check out Part 2 of this pictorial history,
This time of the world’s governments, here:
[re-blogged on PiotrBein]
100 pictures are worth 100,000 words…
Barack Obama
With Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu
Joe Biden
Mitt Romney

John Kerry

George Bush Sr.
With Israeli P.M. Shamir, 1989

George Bush Jr.
With Israeli P.M. Ehud Olmert, 2006

Bush Olmert
With Israeli P.M. Ariel Sharon, March 2001

Bush family listed here as “Jews who participated in the Revolutionary War”

Laura Bush “Koshering” the White House kitchen with Bush Rabi in 2005

Dick Cheney
Bill Clinton
With Israeli P.M. Ehud Barak, 2000

With Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu
Hillary Clinton
Chelsea Clinton’s Jewish Marriage
Ronald Reagan
With Israeli P.M. Begin, 1981
With Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Shamir, 1989

With Israeli P.M. Shimon Peres, 1984

John McCain
Newt Gingrich

Jon Huntsman
Rand Paul
Sarah Palin
Rick Santorum
Rick Perry

Rick Perry Receiving the Defender Of Israel Award in Israel.
Rudi Giulliani


Michelle Bachmann
Glenn Beck with Michelle Bachman

Rush Limbaugh
Herman Cain

Chris Cristie
Arnold Schwartzenager

Harry Truman with Israeli P.M. David Ben Gurion and Abba Eban, 1951

Dwight Eisenhower with Israeli P.M. David Ben Gurion
John F Kennedy with Israeli P.M. Golda Meir, 1962

John F. Kennedy, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, and Israeli P.M. David Ben Gurion meet in Israel

John F. Kennedy, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, Israeli P.M. David Ben Gurion, Dov Yossef, and Golda Meir

At John F. Kennedy’s funeral, Israeli P.M.Levy Eshkol places wreath at Arlington Cemetary

John F. Kennedy Memorial In Jerusalem, on Dedication Day

Lyndon Johnson with Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin
Lyndon Johnson with Israeli P.M. Levy Eshkol in Texas

And in Washington…

Richard Nixon with Israeli P.M. Golda Meir, 1969

Richard Nixon’s first visit to Israel, 1974

Richard Nixon with Israeli P.M. Levy Eshkol

Gerald Ford (Leslie Lynch King) with Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin, 1975

Jimmy Carter with Israeli P.M. Menachem Begin, Camp David, 1979
Jimmy Carter with Defense Minister Ezer Weizman at Camp David

Jimmy Carter with President Ezer Weizman in Jerusalem

Those who call themselves Christians but are not…
Those who call themselves Jews but are not…
It is not enough! The reality is much more disturbing,
for these men and women are all of the same blood!
George Bush is…
6th cousin 4 times removed with Franklin D. Roosevelt
9th cousin twice removed with Richard Nixon
7th cousin once removed with Gerald Ford
Half 10th cousin with Dick Cheney
14th cousin 6 times removed with Jimmy Carter
9th cousin twice removed with John Forbes Kerry
9th cousin of Barack Obama
cousins with all presidents and royal Kings and Queens of England!
For other resources on genealogy of presidents (2 links):
***Some photos taken from this Israeli government site may not appear:
This is the real United States of Israel.
They live, we sleep…
Please also check out Part 2 of this pictorial history,
This time of the world’s governments, here:
–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, May 26, 2013

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  1. Pablo Damon

    May 26, 2013

    awesome work, funny how all of the Kennedy pics were missing?
    On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 3:26 AM, REALITY BLOG
  2. marika

    May 26, 2013

    I couldn’t find any pics of JFK in yamaka…however found this interesting photo: http://www.electricearl.com/tonyjfk1.jpg What are “newboys”??? Never heard of that term.
    • marika

      May 26, 2013

      Never mind. It pays to have a wake-up cup of coffee before you open your mouth hahaha…..it’s newsboys, not newboys ;-)
  3. Outstanding! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  4. Ter ber

    May 26, 2013

    Thanks Clint for putting that all together for us. When my mother went to a John Birch Society meeting in the late 1960′s, the invited speaker said “Your children will be fighting and dying for Israel in the future”. After reading Christopher Bollyn’s book on 911, all the pieces are in place. The puzzle will come together for everyone. 911 Deception; bollyn.com or amazon.
    • Robert Deatrick

      May 29, 2013

      Christopher Bollyn seems to be a stand up guy. I came across a report of him being the victim of harrassment, excessive force and wrongful arrest by police in Illinois. Then the hearing was rigged by Zionist government officials (judge, lawyer, etc) and he was forced to flee the US or face imprisonment (and likely much worse once in their custody). I donated $25.00 dollars to him so he could work on fighting for his rights to return to the US and he sent me a warm email to thank me and mailed me a copy of his book. I’m afraid he’s fighting a losing battle trying to find anyone with real power in the corrupt US Govt. that will defend him against Zionist-controlled US bureaucracy.
  5. The photo with Kennedy and Golda Meir is inaccurate because it says she was the PM. At that time, circa 1962, Meir was the israeli foreign minister. Meir did not become PM until 1969.
    Kennedy was NOT a servant of israel. Kennedy wrote a letter to the PM, Ben-Gurion, demanding that the US be allowed to inspect the nuclear power plant at Dimona. Michael Collins Piper, in his book Final Judgment, says that the assassination of JFK was carried out by the mossad in order to protect the israeli nuclear program.
    [ From: http://ironlight.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/kennedy-dimona-and-israels-deadly-secrets/ ]
    “In the days leading up to Ben-Gurion’s resignation from office, he and JFK had been involved in an unpublicized, contentious debate over the possibility of Israel getting nuclear capabilities. Their disagreement eventually escalated into a full-fledged war of words that was virtually ignored in the press. Ethan Bronner wrote about this secret battle between JFK and Ben-Gurion years later in a New York Times article on October 31, 1998, calling it a “fiercely hidden subject.” In fact, the Kennedy/Ben-Gurion conversations are still classified by the United States Government. Maybe this is the case because Ben-Gurion’s rage and frustration became so intense – and his power so great within Israel – that Piper contends it was at the center of the conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. This stance is supported by New York banker Abe Feinberg, who describes the situation as such: “Ben-Gurion could be vicious, and he had such a hatred of the old man [Joe Kennedy, Sr., JFK’s father].” Ben-Gurion despised Joe Kennedy because he felt that not only was he an anti-Semite, but that he had also sided with Hitler during the 1930′s and 40′s.
    Ben-Gurion was convinced that Israel needed nuclear weapons to insure its survival, while Kennedy was dead-set against it. This inability to reach an agreement caused obvious problems. One of them revolved around Kennedy’s decision that he would make America his top priority in regard to foreign policy, and not Israel! Kennedy planned to honor the 1950 Tripartite Declaration which said that the United States would retaliate against any nation in the Middle East that attacked any other country. Ben-Gurion, on the other hand, wanted the Kennedy Administration to sell them offensive weapons, particularly Hawk missiles.
    The two leaders thus engaged in a brutal letter exchange, but Kennedy wouldn’t budge. Ben-Gurion, obsessed by this issue, slipped into total paranoia, feeling that Kennedy’s obstinacy was a blatant threat to the very existence of Israel as a nation. Piper writes, “Ben-Gurion had devoted a lifetime creating a Jewish State and guiding it into the world arena. And, in Ben-Gurion’s eyes, John F. Kennedy was an enemy of the Jewish people and his beloved state of Israel.””
    Kennedy Letter to Ben-Gurion Regarding Visit to Dimona
    (May 18, 1963)
    This is a telegram from the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel transmitting the text of a letter from President Kennedy to Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion on arrangements to visit Dimona.
    Verbatim text. You should deliver following letter from President to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion:
    “Dear Mr. Prime Minister:
    “I welcome your letter of May 12 and am giving it careful study.
    “Meanwhile, I have received from Ambassador Barbour a report of his conversation with you on May 14 regarding the arrangements for visiting the Dimona reactor. I should like to add some personal comments on that subject.
    “I am sure you will agree that there is no more urgent business for the whole world than the control of nuclear weapons. We both recognized this when we talked together two years ago, and I emphasized it again when I met with Mrs. Meir just after Christmas. The dangers in the proliferation of national nuclear weapons systems are so obvious that I am sure I need not repeat them here.
    “It is because of our preoccupation with this problem that my Government has sought to arrange with you for periodic visits to Dimona. When we spoke together in May 1961 you said that we might make whatever use we wished of the information resulting from the first visit of American scientists to Dimona and that you would agree to further visits by neutrals as well. I had assumed from Mrs. Meir’s comment that there would be no problem between us on this.
    “We are concerned with the disturbing effects on world stability which would accompany the development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel. I cannot imagine that the Arabs would refrain from turning to the Soviet Union for assistance if Israel were to develop a nuclear weapons capability–with all the consequences this would hold. But the problem is much larger than its impact on the Middle East. Development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel would almost certainly lead other larger countries, that have so far refrained from such development, to feel that they must follow suit.
    “As I made clear in my press conference of May 8, we have a deep commitment to the security of Israel. In addition this country supports Israel in a wide variety of other ways which are well known to both of us. [4-1/2 lines of source text not declassified]
    “I can well appreciate your concern for developments in the UAR. But I see no present or imminent nuclear threat to Israel from there. I am assured that our intelligence on this question is good and that the Egyptians do not presently have any installation comparable to Dimona, nor any facilities potentially capable of nuclear weapons production. But, of course, if you have information that would support a contrary conclusion, I should like to receive it from you through Ambassador Barbour. We have the capacity to check it.
    “I trust this message will convey the sense of urgency and the perspective in which I view your Government’s early assent to the proposal first put to you by Ambassador Barbour on April 2.
    “John F. Kennedy”
    Source: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963: Near East, 1962-1963, V. XVIII. DC: GPO, 2000.
    • Thanks for the info…
      I will say that a public persona as president is not the same as the personal. And Kennedy is bloodline, plain and simple. I don’t see any president as a hero, just the current slave colony head of State.
    • Robert Deatrick

      May 29, 2013

      On the one hand, being assassinated these days may be a clear indication that you are one of the good guys. Having given your life should at least earn you the benefit of the doubt. (And in Kennedy’s case, not only his life but half his family’s as well).
      On the other hand, I don’t think you can fairly consider Kennedy Sr.’s involvement with the Nazis to mean anything to Zionists. They’re the ones who sold the Jews out in Germany. Hitlers bankers were the Rothschilds. And Prescott Bush’s Nazi financing hasn’t diminished the Zionists’ enthusiasm for the Bush family either. Remember, the Zionists and the majority of ignorant Israelis are not Hebrews at all, they are Khazars. See Arthur Koestler’s “The 13th Tribe”.
      After watching “JKF II” I’m convinced it was HW Bush who had Kennedy assassinated. Maybe this put him and his family back in good standing with the Zionists if he did it on their behalf but remember that HW was also Director of the CIA, a big Nazi hydra organization.
      It still amazes me how blind so many Americans can be. If the director of a secret international spy agency was elected President in any other country, Americans would be the first to cry “Fascism!” but if it happens in the good old USA, well no, we “voted” for him. Yeah, just like we “voted” for his son. Hence, there were no pics of Al Gore wearing a skullcap. (I wonder how many cronies from the electoral college do?) Not that Gore would’ve been any better. Both sides are controlled to create an illusion of choice. This perceived drama between Zionists and bloodline families is just another distraction to mislead us from the truth.
      There is also a case to be made that Kennedy was assassinated for moving towards ending the FED. This has been the hallmark of nearly all US Presidential assassinations. (I wonder how many FED cronies wear skullcaps?)
      The Pope wears one. So is he a Zionists or are Zionists really Catholics? I’m not trying to be a smart-ass. I’m just wondering which direction the power flows? The Mafia was born out of the Catholic Church. Maybe Zionists were as well. William Manchester’s “The Last Lion” includes a photo of Winston Churchill proclaiming himself a Zionist. England has done much to secure Lebonese land for these Khasarian usurpers. England is owned by the Vatican, if you ascribe to the accounts from James Montgomery’s “The Vatican Connection to England” which has been actively removed from the web. (I have a copy if anyone’s interested.)
      Incidentally, in the same era as the Kennedy assassination, the FBI declares the end of the Mafia, but recent history seems to be telling an entirely different story. Rather, it appears the Mafia has taken over the US government, whether they be skullcap wearing Zionists or Jesuits. My bet is on the Vatican behind the whole god-damned thing. They did rule the entire known world for a millenium and put us back into the dark ages. There’s just as many pics of those same “US civic leaders” kissing the hand of the Pope as there are of them shaking hands with the Zionist devils. Maybe its all the same thing: Corruption. How long can it stand? Or a better question, how long can we stand it?
      • St. Peter created both Judaism and Christianity, so that should tell you something.
        These are not Jews, they are those who call themselves Jews but are not – the Synagogue of Satan according to the Bible, and their Jewish encyclopedia states the modern Jew is not Jewish.
        Semite means Arabic and black African.
        • Andre’

          May 30, 2013

          Actually “Jesus” if He actually existed, Lord Forgive Me, started the movement of so called Christianity (Matt 22:37-), Peter and Saul hijacked it for political purposes, but that’s what the pharisees do. The literal definition for “Semite” from the word Shemite – meaning descendent from Noah’s son, Shem. Since we all survived the flood, we are all Shemites. But once you change the spelling of a word, the meaning changes. So the word ‘semite’ is a counterfeit of Shemite, in typical jewish fashion as they are a wandering fiat race of outsiders. They masquerade as things they are not, that is why they are actors and spies, and most goy are none the wiser.
          And since I mentioned Saul, this heretic pharisee Christian murdering jew, is what is wrong with Christians, they embrace a pharisee that Jesus preached against; this is the ongoing double mindedness of the led goy. They quote more from “Paul” than Jesus, this a constant argument with every Christian I meet. Even the racist CI guys follow the jew. Thomas Jefferson was probably somewhat right when he rewrote the bible, He leaves all the BS out and only strips down the bare essentials of Jesus. Here is your one minute version of the bible 1) OT is about the falling nature of man and how the jews kill everybody 2) Jesus comes along and says No you dont have to do that, so they kill him and 3) Saul from Tarsus (who Jesus REBUKES 3 TIMES) hijacks Christianity and reweaves the talmudic misogyny back into the narrative. Saul the woman hater has probably done more to ruin relationships, than that doormat Adam. If a woman “hands me the fruit”, I refuse the fruit.
      • Andre’

        May 30, 2013

        Robert – Deanna would take exception to Hitler being financed by the Rothschilds, there is much disinformation about Hitler going around. But I also believe the catholic church is just another pharisee/jewish creation, and that is why the popes wear yarmulkes.
        • Robert Deatrick

          May 30, 2013

          Andre’, thanks for mentioning Deanna Spingola. I didn’t know who she was or why you’d refer to her so I clicked on her name in the comment she made above and imagine my surprise. What an absolute wealth of honest journalism, intelligent and courageous commentary. I’ve got my hands full trying to catch up with all of Mr. Richardson’s past blogs and now with Ms/Mrs Spingola’s course load, my homework has just doubled. I’m curious to find out why she would take exception with Hitler being financed by Rothschild. I’ll look into it. Thanks again for the lead.
  6. ein Mensch

    May 26, 2013

    To marika
    “Newsboys” used to be young boys who sold newspapers on street corners to earn their pocket money.
  7. jmackdog

    May 26, 2013

    I knew you can not hold public office in this country without the approval of Jews, ask Ms. Mckinney, but when put in this picture format, It irrevocably gets more creepy. It wouldn’t be so bad, or obvious if these sick people would stick their proverbial heads up someone else’s ass to balance the ass kissing. Worth a trillion words !!! thanks
  9. All this attention being given to 2% of the population? Seems like high maintenance to me.
  10. Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth and commented:
    Attention seekers.
  11. There won’t be nearly as many “Holocaust Survivors” next time.
  12. Vox

    May 28, 2013

    This article would be more appropriately titled “America Sold Out To Satan (by its Satanists)”
  13. skip barker

    May 29, 2013

    Well done well said without a word other then the identification of the scum bags. Was hoping to see a picture of one that I would be shocked by, not the case.
  14. Perhaps the reason that there aren’t more pictures of Kennedy schmoozing with Israelis is that he threatened them in significant ways, principally his issuing of U.S. currency not borrowed from the Fed, and, more seriously, his determination that Israel not get The Bomb. Michael Collins Piper makes a carefully and deeply researched case that Israeli intelligence, under the orders of Ben Gurion, were the prime actors in Kennedy’s assassination in his excellent and extremely marginalized “Final Judgment.”
    • No, the pics are there, they just aren’t showing up here.
      Captions are there, but no pics.
  15. Edward Harold

    May 30, 2013

    Wonderful. A picture is worth 1,000 words! I wish you could add a shot from the sickening films of the U.S. Congress applauding Israeli leaders. It reminds me of pictures of the Soviet parliament being addressed by Stalin. The Congressmen are terrified to be seen as the first one to stop clapping. The clapping can only stop when the triumphant Israeli so orders. “Our” government at work!
    I am surprised that so many of those posting comments believe Kennedy was an exception. NO!!! Take a look at “Havana Nocturne” a book by a credible author that deals with the role of the Mob in Havana before Castro took power.
    The head gangster was a Jew named Mayer Lansky. Lansky took an interest in a young oversexed U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy, He “took care” of his young protege. He flew him down to Havana along with Senator Smathers of Florida (a pretended “conservative”) where young Kennedy enjoyed group orgies sharing whores of various races for several days with his Jewish pal Lansky. Kennedy was the perfect ploy for the Jews. An Irish-American with the inherited grudge of the “outsider” against the Founding Stock of the nation. And one silly enough to engage in potentially career-destroying behavior because he thought with his little head and not his big head.
    Kennedy never crossed the Jews. He – like his 2 brothers – was part and parcel of the whole rotten system. He fawned over Jews. He beat Nixon by a 6 to 1 margin in the election. He got loving care – in life and in death – from the media.
    And even if a genuine mature thought ever managed to get sandwiched into a Kennedy mind obsessed with images of Marilyn Monroe, the dusky whores of Havana, the cute and available college interns, etc., and had such a brief moment of adult behavior suggested to Kennedy that he might cross his handlers, the Jews would not have had to resort to a risky and clumsy assassination to get rid of him.
    Kennedy’s tenure in office could have been ended quite easily and safely by the media suddenly taking an interest in his whoring parties in Havana….and you can bet your last shekel that Mayer Lanski had a whole portfolio of pictures of the handsome young White Senator doing the group thing with his buddies and a swarm of whores.
    Edward Harold
  16. History of American Traitors is what this post should have been called!
  17. Reblogged this on Aryan Renaissance and commented:
    I had always known AIPAC was bad news…thanks for the in-depth coverage!
  18. See http://www.noplaceforcorruption.com Docs PDF File this compliments these pictures
  19. Clint good work – lots a work!
    Saw it reposted on the ConTrail – louder than words.
    They are owned pure and simple.
  20. Lucifer

    July 1, 2013

    Well looky here “Rabbis who object to organ donation do not do so because a body must be buried whole. They object because organs are usually taken from a person who is brain-stem dead but whose heart is still beating with the help of a ventillator. These Rabbis consider a beating heart to be a sign of life and therefore donating organs at this point would be killing the donor. The question is whether or not a brain-stem dead person is alive or dead. “http://www.hods.org/english/h-issues/issues.asp From the ghoul’s mouth, of course this doesnt apply to the stupid goyim.
  21. freeman

    July 1, 2013

    Yes there all related one big family of crooked nose crooks including illegitimate bloodline of the Queen.
  22. Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
    aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking
    issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.
  23. an onymous

    July 29, 2013

    Great post. NOW, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?????
    • The JFK assassination was a ritual sacrifice known as The Killing of the King, and was planned out centuries in advance. They even built a masonic sun temple in Dealy in honor of JFK. With the reflection in the reflecting pool of the obelisk pointing to the squared off 6th floor window. It wasnt just about his multicultural orgies. You have to understand that Freemasonry and the Catholic church were/are at war with each other since the Templars were burned at the stake. If you get an unedited version of the Zapruder film it shows Greer turning, left hand over right shoulder, and shooting JFK point blank. You make good points and with the usual cast of characters, none of these people are saints.
    • Stop contracting and giving business to those who have control.
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