The end of banksters in Syria?


Created on 31 May 2013
Written by Jim Kirwan

To Kevin Barrett’s “Banksters attack Syria to enslave America”

KB: “The war on Syria is not an American war on Syria, an Israeli war on Syria, an al-Qaeda war on Syria, a Qatari war on Syria, a Turkish war on Syria, or a Saudi war on Syria. It is a bankers’ war on Syria.”
Israel bombs Syria and threatens Iran. Russia moves its warships into the Mediterranean, and furnishes Syria with advanced anti-aircraft weapons. Hezbollah defends Syria against al-Qaeda. Pro-Israel US Senators like John McCain join forces with al-Qaeda.” (1)
k) The premise here is partly true but outdated. A review of the facts in the second article will explain what I mean by that.

Russia Ready For War, Orders Thousands Of Troops To Border”

As has been expected since President Putin on 17 May ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move” from Local War to Regional War operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the US or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is reporting today that thousands of Russian troops have been deployed in “full war mode” and that Israel is now a “major likely target” too.
According to this report, the “surprise alert exercise” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered last Thursday (24 May) for the Southern Military District involving four regiments of S-300 air defense systems troops combining 8,700 personnel, 185 warplanes and 240 armored vehicles are now positioned to enter into the Syrian War Zone “within hours” to begin offensive and defensive operations.
Even worse, this report continues, Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) troops have likewise been ordered into the Syrian War Zone, including the much feared Zaslon Special Forces units, in order to prepare for the widening of this conflict into what could turn into World War III.
According to all global military experts, this report says, Russia’s Zaslon Special Forces are “so shadowy they make ninjas look like amateurs” and their introduction into this conflict has shifted the balance of power to the point where the European Union (EU) lifted their long standing arms embargo for the radical Islamic rebels (who just hours ago pleaded with the West for immediate weapons shipments) and US President Obama ordered his military commanders to quickly give him a no-fly plan for Syria”. (2)
k) Obamanation & company are far too late because the S-300’s have already arrived, with more on the way: Thereby defeating the West’s lame attempt to implement a No-Fly-Zone because it is Syria, Lebanon and Russia that have already implemented their own No-Fly-Zone against the WEST. Anything crossing the Syrian border can now be shot down whether it’s in the form of a missile or aircraft.
KB: “What is really going on here? Who is fighting whom, and why? Will Syria become the flash point for World War III?
Is the West attacking the Islamic world in a “clash of civilizations”? Then why are the Israeli and American governments backing al-Qaeda in Syria?
The old narratives no longer make sense. The real war isn’t between nations, civilizations, or religions.
The real war is the bankers’ war to conquer the entire world.”

k) The real war has by-passed the formulas of John Perkins who has become totally outdated. The idea beneath the Economic Hit man was to confirm for the world the truth behind the 70’s and 80’s structure for world dominion: At that time it was possible to dictate terms and be able to make their threats come true. That is no longer the case.

KB: “In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins explained how it works. The bankers use their control of currency to impose debt slavery on individuals as well as nations. They force nations to accept loans that are impossible to pay back – by design. The bankers use the resulting bankruptcy and/or “restructuring agreements” to seize control of those nations and their resources.

If a nation’s leader refuses to obey the bankers – as in the cases of Venezuela and Iran – that leader, or nation, is put on the bankers’ “hit list.” That nation becomes a target for regime change, whether by assassination, coup d’état, a bought or stolen election, or outright invasion.”
k) Neither Venezuela nor Iran caved into ‘the plan’ and in the meanwhile the bankers have suffered reversal after reversal. NATO & the UN have been “outed”, along with the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the IMF, and the whole world, except for the USA, knows all about it now.
KB: “The bankers use the military and intelligence services of the nations they control to attack and subvert the nations they do not control. They also use their own private armies and intelligence services to subvert all nations.
Thus the war on Syria is not an American war on Syria, an Israeli war on Syria, an al-Qaeda war on Syria, a Qatari war on Syria, a Turkish war on Syria, or a Saudi war on Syria. It is a bankers’ war on Syria.”

k) All past tense, and seriously flawed, if they attempt to go there now.

KB: “The biggest international banking families exert a relatively high degree of control over the US, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. They have only moderate influence in Syria, Russia, and China. And they have even less influence in Iran. So they are mobilizing their assets in hopes of achieving regime change in Syria. Iran, Russia, and China are next on their hit list.”
k) This is the dream of a self-deluded empire run amuck because:
Even though Russia slammed the EU’s plan to arm these Islamic rebels, it also stated that it will not cancel plans to deliver its advanced S-300 air-defense system to Syria despite Western opposition, thus enraging Israel which earlier today threatened an attack on Russian forces attempting to move them into the conflict zone.
To how truly grim the situation has become for the Sunni-Western backed Islamic rebels attempting to overthrow the Assad regime was noted earlier today by a senior Israeli officer interviewed by the Debka File Intelligence News Service who put all these forebodings into words when he said: “A military and strategic catastrophe for the West and Israel is in full flight in Syria, and no one in Washington or Jerusalem is lifting a finger. Israel’s government and military heads never imagined that the Syrian war would take this turn. But we had better wake up at this eleventh hour ­ before it is too late” (2)
KB: “The bankers are trying to create the first truly global empire. As John Perkins says, their biggest weapon is usury; military force is secondary. They first try to buy a country; if the leadership is not for sale, they try to assassinate or overthrow the leader(s); and if all else fails, they send the US military to invade the target country.
To create their global slave empire, the bankers must also control communications. If their plans were widely-known, people of all nations would revolt.”

k) That has all been changing since the collapse and theft of bank funds in Cypress and the world is paying attention to what the global-criminal banks have been doing ­ in country after country. All that’s missing is the US bank collapse that is still pending.
KB: “David Rockefeller spoke the truth at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden, Germany: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
k) This is party-line BS from sold-out USI publications such as the New York Times, Fox News, PBS, Chicago Tribune & others.

KB: “Today, the only major media operations in English that are not owned, controlled, or duped by the bankers are Press TV and Russia Today. Apparently, Iran and Russia do not appreciate being on the bankers’ hit list. And they are learning how to fight back – by telling the truth to the whole world. No wonder the banker-owned US and Europe have done their best to shut down Press TV.” (1)
k) True ­ except that they are not in the learning mode; they have gone into fighting mode, full-force. The world is way-past Dr. Barrett’s explanations. Russia is armed and is sending in troops that will give real teeth to the entire issue of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Moreover because of the Russian move inside Syria the West has been denied one of their favorite tools; The No-Fly-Zone, which they cannot institute because their planes and missiles will be destroyed if they try to implement the same criminal-pre-emptive attacks they used to obliterate Libya. The Bear has awakened and brought a lot of others with them this time.
Moreover, here is the sum and substance of what is really at stake with the survivability of Syria that will block the gas pipelines which Qatar wants to see from Iraq through Syria to Israel – which the Russians, the Syrians and the Lebanese all directly oppose.
In brief this war has nothing to do with Economic Hit Men that were supplanted long ago. That’s because the USrael forces are no longer the global power they want to pretend they still can project
However, a perception is taking root among growing numbers of Syrians that Qatar is using its financial muscle to develop networks of loyalty among rebels and set the stage for influence in a post-Assad era. “Qatar has a lot of money and buys everything with money, and it can put its fingerprints on it,” says a rebel officer from the northern province,

Also being kept from the Western peoples about this conflict are Russia’s true intentions and aims, and which were recently articulated by Fiona Hill who is senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and who said:

“…this is a prism that [Putin] brought to looking at most conflicts like the conflict in Syria that threaten the sanctity of a state. Mr. Putin actually came in to the presidency, if you can recall, back in ’99-2000 in Russia, just as the second war in Chechnya was starting off. And he saw that as his biggest challenge of keeping the Russian state together, so it didn’t fall down the same path as the Soviet Union into collapse. And Putin was really brutal in pursuing the war in Chechnya. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the whole course of the conflict, including many civilians.

The capital city of Grozny in Chechnya was reduced completely to rubble, and Putin thought this was worthwhile because it kept the state together. And over the course of the conflict in Chechnya it morphed in the same way that we’ve actually seen in the war in Syria. It went from a conflict that was mostly focused on political secession from, Chechnya from the Russian Federation, and over time, really took on more of an extremist element, more of Sunni extremist groups who moved in to exploit the conflict and also many people who came from outside, including from Syria, to fight in Chechnya.

And Putin is now pretty much concerned that we’re going to see a repetition, the collapse of the state in Syria, knock-on effect for conflicts at home for him as well as more broadly across the whole of the Middle East. And yet again, another collapse of the state, that is something that he would like to see avoided at all costs.” (2)
k) There are maps that go with the last quotes from the second link. This is what is happening now that the influence of the banks has been openly challenged by the Russians and Hezbollah. Finally the slime that pass themselves off as global-owners are finally going to have to fight with real forces: They cannot win against the forces that are currently aligned with Syria.
This weekend might well see the world begin to move away from the designed Oligarchy they thought they owned. But only time will tell!
1) Banksters Attack Syria to Enslave America
2) Russia Ready for War Orders thousands of troops to the Border
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