Bilderberg Group – A Jewish Who’s Who!

Bilderberg Group – A Jewish Who’s Who!

Bilderberg Articles, Jewish Bankers Articles
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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SECRECY ENSHROUDS THE JEWISH-RUN Bilderberg Group. (See Their Secret Operation In Chantilly VA Here & Here).

One of the Bilderberg’s deceptions is to invite insignificant leaders in the academic & scientific realms as a “decoy.”
For instance, in the current Bilderberg Meeting taking place June 5-8 2008 at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly VA, attendees such as Fouad Ajami, Director of Middle East Studies at John Hopkins University, & Martha Farrah, Director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania, serve as “window dressing.”
Here Are The Real Players Attending & They Are Jewish Bankers:
Full List Here
Ben Shalom Bernanke: Chairman of the privately held US Federal Reserve Bank.

James Wolfensohn: International Jewish financier. Chairman of Wolfensohn & Company Investments. A former World Bank President, this Jew has more than 140 employees and offices in London, Tokyo and Moscow. Wolfensohn also has a banking partnership with Fuji Bank of Japan and Jacob Rothschild of Britain.
Robert Zoellick: Chairman of the US World Bank Group a covert subsidiary of the Rothschild run International Monetary Fund.
Josef Ackermann: Chairman of the Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank AG of Zurich Switzerland. Ackermann is a Rothschild partner in white collar crime.
Kenneth Jacobs: Deputy Chairman Head of Lazard Bank North America. Lazard Bank, a Rothschild associate bank, operates in 39 cities throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America.
David Rockefeller: Owner of Chase Manhattan Bank. Former Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations & Founder of the Trilateral Commission. Though not a Jew, Rockefeller is a Rothschild stooge.
THE BILDERBERG ZIONIST AGENDATHE MINUTES OF THE FIRST MEETING of the Bilderberg Group which met at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek Holland in May 1954 tell it all:
“ evolve an international order which would look beyond the present world crises. When the time is ripe our present concepts of world affairs should be extended to the whole world.” (From Europe’s Full Circle, Rodney Atkinson)
Indeed, this self-appointed elite in 1954 made up of Denis Healy, Joseph Retinger, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, & David Rockefeller, called for an “international order” in their long range plans (”when the time is ripe.”)
The Bilderberg plan to destroy sovereign nation states with their indigenous Christian traditions is taking place before our very eyes. For today’s European Union and the pending North American Union are manifestations of the Bilderberg’s Zionist agenda.
The Bilderberg Group Must Be Usurped By The Christian Church!That’s What Jesus Christ Taught When Saying:
“My Kingdom Is Not Of This World!”


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