Close German Military Cooperation with the Netherlands and Poland

Newsletter 2013/06/03 – Under German Command

BERLIN/THE HAGUE/WARSAW (Own report) – The German Bundeswehr has
announced the formation of a permanent military unit of foreigners
under German command. Beginning in January 2014, approx. 2,100
soldiers from the Netherlands will be integrated into the “Rapid
Reaction Force Division” as a result of a declaration of intent signed
in Berlin last week by the defense ministers of both countries. Three
dozen projects for closer cooperation between the two armed forces are
planned. A second, similar declaration of intent, stipulating closer
naval cooperation was also signed between the defense ministers of
Germany and Poland. This cooperation includes combat missions.
Specialists in military policy have been calling for intensifying
military cooperation to increase the Bundeswehr’s military clout.
Berlin would be well advised to seek cooperation particularly with the
smaller countries, because they, it is said, unlike France or Great
Britain, are more pliable allies due to their lesser power potentials.

By piotrbein