Jim Stone: Monsanto's seeds of death

Monsanto’s seeds of death

Created on 06 June 2013
Written by Jim Stone

The following was posted to the forum by LesMajeste. My comments will follow.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates
If you’re not a bit paranoid these days, you’re not paying attention.
Between the fluoridated water we drink, the toxic, chemically laden food we ingest, the chemtrail contaminated air we breathe and the mind warping garbage coming from the ‘Boob Tube,’ it appears that someone doesn’t like the great unwashed masses.
From the same SOB’s who told us not to fear PCB’s and that Agent Orange wouldn’t cause any harm, comes this:
The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them.

Video Seeds of Death

What really scares these ‘Frankenseed’ companies is that people and not big, non-profits with suspect ties and donations, are rising up to protest this forcing of perverting Mother Nature literally, down our throats.

The March against Monsanto was notable in several key respects. Most alarming for Monsanto and the GMO cartel was the fact that it was the first such demonstration not organized by anti-GMO NGOs such as Greenpeace or BUND or Friends of the Earth. In Germany where this author participated as a speaker in one of the events, it was all organized by concerned activists via facebook. But the NGOs who formally oppose GMO were reportedly nowhere to be found as sponsors or even reportedly as active organizers.

Source: “From the Trenches World Report”
Thugs in charge of food supply

Corporate Bully BoysMonsanto don’t like the thought of anyone publicly disagreeing with them or worse still pulling a fast one on them. Where their GM crops are being grown commercially Monsanto have paid a small army of private investigators to check whether farmers are growing their GM crops without permission. Monsanto have successfully sued a Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser for supposedly planting GM oil seed rape without a license agreement. Percy claims that he has never planted GM crops on his land and that any GM crops on his land are a result of cross pollination from GM crops grown on neighbouring farms. He is launching a counter suit against Monsanto [47].
In 1997 2 TV journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre who had been making a documentary on the dangers of Monsanto’s BST were fired by their employers Fox TV. Fox TV had come under pressure from Monsanto to change the content of the documentary, when Wilson and Akre refused to be muzzled they were sacked [48].
In 1998 Monsanto took out a wide ranging SLAPP (Stategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) against activists from Genetix Snowball. At the time Genetix Snowball were engaged in a campaign of accountable, non-violent direct action against GM crops. The injunction was designed to intimidate members of the public into not taking direct action against Monsanto’s UK GM field trials [49].
In 1998 the environmental journal the Ecologist was due to publish a special edition attacking Monsanto. However, the Ecologist’s printers – Penwells of Saltash, Cornwall, destroyed the 14,000 print run without notice fearing liable action from Monsanto.

Monsanto isn’t thru monkeying around with Mother Nature and our life span. On the horizon is something called ‘Terminator,’ which is the technology to make seeds sterile so that each time you plant, you have to buy more seeds from these corporate thugs.
Monsanto owns the Terminator patents, but promises not to use them. Right, not until they manage to kill off the honey bees pollinating our food crops, which will then force humanity to buy self-repliacting seeds from Monsanto.
The at-large war criminal and mass murderer Henry Kissinger, must be jumping for joy.
My comments Though I don’t have time to link a bunch of stuff, I have a fair amount to contribute to this topic.
I know someone in the biotech field, and have talked about this extensively. There are several main things we need to worry about with regard to GMO’s, and I will list them here:
The biggest two problems, from our perspective is that 1. the GMO foods can be programmed in such a way that takes their monsanto DNA and inserts it into our own, with the changes being permanent. I did not believe this, after all, food is just food and we burn it, RIGHT? Well, according to my friend who has studied this, the answer is a big fat NO. The DNA remains intact enough for it to modify our cells.
And 2 – The other major problem is that through genetic modification, plants can be programmed to produce prozac, zoloft, ANY DRUG, and then cause that drug to be a normal component of the food we eat. More importantly, With certain foods that are easy to tweak, such as bananas, the banana plant can be programmed to produce live viruses that go into your bodies and perform modifications to your DNA, or attack certain organs, including the brain, or cause cancer, the entire gamut of what viruses are known to do. I found this to be more believable than the DNA in the GMO plants actually becoming part of our own, but my friend insisted . . . . . .
Many of my readers will know that viruses function by inserting their DNA into a cell which causes that cell to, rather than perform it’s normal function, produce more viruses until the cell dies from being forced to produce only more viruses rather than maintain it’s own life, and when the cell dies from being overworked the viruses then go out and infect more cells. But the viruses in the GMO plants that my friend talked about do not work the cells to death. They instead tell the cell to maintain itself rather than die by working so hard to produce more viruses, so the cell produces a slow but steady stream of viruses which then go out and infect more cells with the purpose of inserting DNA into the other cells which permanently change the attributes of what the cell is, thereby modifying the physical make up of whatever organism that cell is a part of And my friend said that though the changes are minor in the initial host, that some of these viruses go into the ovaries and testacles, and modify the reproductive DNA so that ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS take on the modifications and are born to exhibit the genetically modified traits that whatever the people who control a company such as Monsanto want the future generations of mankind to have
And if you know what kind of tyrannical control freaks the “elite” are, I’d say those tweaks will NOT be to our benefit.
The main thing we are told about GMO is that it makes the crops more resistant to Roundup, so the farmers can use more of it to kill weeds without killing their crop. But in reality, GMO tweaks are not predominantly for that, they instead include genetic tweaks that make plants produce poisons that kill pest insects, and to some degree, to give a plant more desirable traits. But my friend made it very clear that the end goal was to change the DNA of mankind by getting GMO plants to produce viruses that cause permanent DNA modifications to the people who eat them, and though I am skeptical about the actual food attributes (minus the viruses and drugs) changing our DNA, I am completely convinced that the DNA tweaking viral aspect is 100 percent reality, as is the ability to get plants to produce mind controlling drugs.
But then again, if it was not for DNA tweaks, why are the rats which are fed GMO corn sterile after a few generations when the corn does not contain any viruses? Perhaps my friend is right after all.
If the video below is not a cartoon about a rat being fed GMO corn.

Video – A Rat’s Tale

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