Just Film the Kokesh Perpetrators

Just Film the Kokesh Perpetrators

Created on 05 June 2013
Written by Jim Stone

It appears that true patriots have little interest in marching in these charades. This means that the marches will indeed be attended almost entirely by provocateur agent actors. What a great opportunity to document them all on video! Any subsequent op could then be scoured for actors from our library of known agents.
If they are reading these pages and paying attention, this observation alone should be enough to cancel all of the marches, not just the one in DC.
My comment This one made me laugh. YES, OF COURSE the answer is obvious! Since they all have a high level security clearance, using this method will no doubt shut down ANY clandestine operation. Here is how it goes:
Get a decent super zoom HD camera that will allow you to shoot from a safe distance. Get EVERYONE in the march documented. Record the whole thing. AND THEN, if anything crazy breaks out, film the people who instigated it. Then post those pictures everywhere online, and pop the question: DEAR MOLLY, IS THIS YOUR CIA EMPLOYED HUSBAND BEING NAUGHTY?
Now, obviously, not everyone can afford an HD camera with a good lens, or CAN THEY? There are a few cheap options. The Samsung WB150F (it should be possible to snag this somewhere for less than $140) shoots 720 p video very well, and zooms very smoothly while shooting video but the camera is balky and unresponsive while shooting photos, and when shooting photos, the lens is horrific beyond belief (for me, Annie will think it’s ok). Pictures are sort of trashy and the lens handles poorly during still photography, but for video you won’t do better at this price.
The Olympus SZ-12 is a better camera than the Samsung, but it’s not as good at video. This is compensated for, however, by a substantially longer zoom, so your not quite as good video will be in closer to make up for it. This camera blows away the Samsung for night video shooting, so the video story is not all bad. If the protest goes into the night, you can still bag it with this camera. The lens works great during still photography and is (sort of) a dog during video shooting. Still photography with the Olympus is a dream come true.
Both of these cameras fit in your shirt pocket, which is great for clandestine photography. I reviewed the SZ-14 (which is the foreign version of the SZ-12) and the Samsung WB150F for the web site the forum is hosted on so I am not just parroting the opinions of others.
If you want a larger camera, the Fuji S4250 is a good option, but you won’t be sneaking up on anyone with that camera. Forget anything cheaper, the other cameras at lower prices either cannot handle 720P video or have very poor zoom.
Samsung WB150F, though it lacks (drastically) the detail of the olympus in still photography, may be the all around clandestine usage winner for protests because the 720P video from this camera is very clear, and the lens behaves great while shooting video (horrible with stills), and it fits perfectly in a shirt pocket. Both of these cameras are like little photographic pea shooters that no one would ever expect to be capable of anything, but will get right into the action from a safe distance. When you see them snatching Iphones to delete the videos off of them, you will have a 100 yard head start to get away with if you buy the WB150F, and 150 yards with the Olympus. Chances are if you are that far away they won’t be paying attention to you anyway. The olympus will absolutely amaze you with it’s ability to totally bag photos of people from huge distances. The samsung, well, photos lack detail, especially at full zoom because the sensor is not as good, and the image stabilization is a couple steps behind the Olympus.
If you mostly want to shoot photos, the Olympus wins. If you mostly want to shoot daytime video, the Samsung wins.

Most importantly, document this march. I don’t care if you have a 10 year old digital camera with no zoom, or a GIANT Canon 5D with a 50mm prime lens that would make perfect taser bait, something is better than nothing, GO OUT AND DO IT.

The mere threat of having so many CIA employees get photographed for the sole purpose of documenting that they work for the CIA could be enough to slam this into the history books before it even happens.
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