Germany struggles for the Ukraine

Newsletter 2013/06/05 – Struggle for the Ukraine
BERLIN/KIEV/MOSCOW (Own report) – The struggle between Berlin and
Brussels, on the one side, and Moscow, on the other, for the
predominating influence in the Ukraine is growing sharper. Since the
end of 2012, the German RWE company has been systematically expanding
its natural gas deliveries to this East European country. Its
objective is to break Kiev’s dependence on Russian natural gas, by
reversing the flow in the pipelines already in place, to deliver large
quantities of the gas from the West. However, these efforts – also
being supported by the German EU Energy Commissioner, Günter Oettinger
– are not advancing rapidly enough. According to reports, pro-western
circles in the Ukraine are complaining that Slovakia – without whose
pipelines, a breakthrough would hardly be possible – is opposing the
project. Brussels, therefore, should exert pressure on that country,
because time is running out. The Ukrainian government signed a
memorandum last week, which is considered an important step toward its
integration in the Russian-dominated EurAsian Economic Community,
about to be established. In Berlin, Ukrainian participation in this
community is perceived as incompatible with Kiev’s integration into EU
structures. This conflict, which in principle, has been going on for
twenty years, is being fueled by this new accentuation.

By piotrbein