Weather modification and geo-engineering: Formal Petition to the European Parliament

From: “Dr. Christof Lehmann”
Subject: Fwd: Formal Petition to the European Parliament
Dear friends, colleagues.
Attached is a petition to the E.U Parliament regarding weather modification and geo-engineering.
The petition can be signed on-line at:
It is available in several languages.
I warmly encourage you to:
1) Read the petition and sign it if you agree.
2) To encourage as many of your friends and associates with residence in a E.U. member state to do the same.
3) To help spread the word by all means you find available and appropriate.
I fully endorse the petition.
With warmest regards.
Dr. Christof Lehmann
Dr. Christof Lehmann
Lehmann International Services
Skovvangsvej 179 2. t.v.
8200 Aarhus N
Tel. +45 32217731

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