Jim Stone: Is the NSA too much competition for the Jews?

Written by Jim Stone

The Jews own ALL the major telecommunications firms, ALL the major media, and virtually the entire internet, and as a result, without any effort at all get ALL the information the NSA picks up simply because the Jews own the infrastructure. This was part of a war plan for world domination, – for decades the Jews have been buying up infrastructure for the sole purpose of spying and we cannot possibly win if they know every secret. ENTER THE NSA.
It’s competition for the Jew and Israel, which can get into many of their back doors. They HATE the NSA because they want information superiority. And you want to know what I really think?
I’d bet the NSA is not lying when they say they stopped terror attacks, ALL OF THEM ATTEMPTED BY FALSE FLAGGING JEWS, and the NSA is probably why the Jews need to use drills as cover for all their false flags. The NSA cannot tell the world it is the Jews doing it all, because they know that the Jewish owned media will not report that anyway, and doing so is political suicide. So the NSA keeps thwarting Jewish terror, and now, after exposing Obama and other forms of corruption, the NSA has crossed a line and the Jews have decided it has got to go.
THAT is what I finally concluded after thinking about this scenario for a few days.
Consider this – the system in question, PRISM, was made in Israel and designed by the Jews. Pretty ideal when they own all the infrastructure. By doing this they could accomplish two things – make sure the system could not get into their own most sensitive and secure areas, AND more importantly – put in whatever back doors they needed to keep an eye on what the NSA might know about.
Yeah, after thinking about it for a while, I believe the NSA really has stopped MANY terror attacks, but because it is not Arabs doing the terror, the real terrorists have used death threats and possibly even nuclear blackmail to prevent the NSA from telling the world who they really are.
Keep in mind that I am in no way excusing the NSA for what they are doing, they are the eyes and ears of a totally out of control police state. Also consider that despite what Ihave said above, that it is entirely possible that the NSA functions, for the most part, as a zionist weapon.

Elections in Iran underway

Unlike what you have been told, Ahmadenijad is not getting ousted. Iran has term limits that are exactly the same as America’s, and Ahmadenijad has served his 8 years. Most likely he would win in a landslide absent term limits. Contrary to what you have been told, Iranian elections are not rigged. They all take place with public counts of anonymously cast hand counted paper ballots, the exact same way New Hampshire does it in America. Furthermore, if I remember right, the ballots in Iran have two parts that separate and you get to keep your ballot number, and can then check that number against public record to ensure your vote was counted correctly while remaining completely anonymous.
It is America with the rigged elections, where except in a few jurisdictions, your vote goes into a black hole with no way to know how it got counted. The zionist media in America can STUFF IT with their lies about elections. The Israeli made electronic voting machines in America keep everything secret and can be tweaked at will, and if you are smart enough to find this site, I don’t need to tell you that. There is a reason why Iran has a non Rothchild central bank, and a reason why the zionists want Iran destroyed, and a big part of that reason is FULLY ACCOUNTABLE YET ANONYMOUS TRUTHFULLY ACCURATE ELECTIONS, and a well educated population. But since the Iranian election, as a result of it being impossible to manipulate will most certainly NOT produce the results Israel wants, watch for all sorts of screams in the ziopress about how rigged it all is.

My previous coverage of the NSA issue has evoked major backlash

This backlash includes a shower of hate mail, people going and posting ridiculous drivel to forums and comments around the web while claiming to be me, tampering with the forum to kill good discussion, including deletion of good materials (verified by other forum members), and making my computers incapable of accessing various pages, most notably the new member approval on the forum and the Facebook page, as well as periodic banning of my cell modem to keep me off the web (yet leaving the airtime intact) which is a real change of pace.

This means I nailed it. My previous coverage is a solid gold wrecking bar, go tear down the police state with it, ARCHIVE AND POST!

A version of this article was first published on Jimstonefreelance.com.

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