Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite

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Subject: FW: Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite
FOR ALL..An important video for all parents, esp. for those with young
girls..What is presented here, totally refutes the claims of the large drug
companies, the AMA and the FDA, both of whom are in league with the
international drug companies..In an almost unbelievable promotion of a
dangerous injection, Gardasill, which contains considerable aluminium, has
been proven to be a root cause of serious retardation in young girls who have
been given this Gardasill.
We can see that it is promoted by those who seek one world status and dominion
and whose ultimate goal is to reduce the human population willy nilly..Note
that all of the young girls in Mexico have been so inoculated…This video
will not need further explanation…..but watch it……J
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Subject: Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite
John, Whether you believe that vaccines are beneficial or not, even as more and more
information becomes available about the dangers of vaccines like gardasil,
there is an essential question at play here.
Who has custody of your children, you or the government?
At every turn, we see that the government is willing to inject YOUR children
with questionable and dangerous vaccines, with or without your permission or
knowledge, and if necessary, against your will…



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