Jim Stone: The Hack

The Hack

Created on 17 June 2013
Written by Jim Stone
“In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank.”Hackers have succeeded in imitating facebook accounts and posting offensive stuff to people’s walls to destroy social networks set up by alternative truth sites. No one from this web site is posting anything of the sort to people’s walls, including ads, insults, or anything else of the sort. If your wall gets spammed or offended by anyone claiming to be associated with this web site, please report it via one of the anonymous forum log ins, including what the offensive content was. Screen captures work best. We will document this.
And of course, government paid shills are old news, modern shill tactics include the use of supercomputers which rapidly sniff all new web posts for keywords, to notify a shill that they are “needed” somewhere to go and destroy legitimate public discourse. This is a step beyond Prism, which is really just the tip of the iceberg. It really is a whole lot worse than that.
The cold hard reality is that for many people the web is entirely synthetic, a false reality existing on a supercomputer which spoofs their entire online reality and sections them off from connecting with anyone who will not be able to verify tampering in the real world. If you cannot call an individual, it is virtually assured your dissenting e-mail with totally new info will never make it, and that your posts to comment sections and forums are visible to only you and no one else if they do not reflect what the elite want the public to think.
I have been manually logging the comments on even my own forum, with NO ONE having delete priviledges, to attempt to troubleshoot problems and in only 24 hours over 100 comments are missing, with 109 showing and 239 made. This was over the slowest period of the week, Saturday into Sunday. People are complaining that the forum lost it´s spark. I have sat down and manually logged exactly why. And what is worse, when the comments get vaporized, they are not even passing through the delete log. The only way I can prove something is amiss is to record on paper the number going in to the number that is actually showing. With the top half of the best of the best erased, it’s no wonder why the forum is missing a little spark.
Yet no one is saying their own comments are gone, which means everyone who is posting can see their own comments in full, and are probably wondering why they are not getting any response from other people on the forum. This is accomplished by having the forum replicated many many times on a supercomputer somewhere, with a separate reality for everyone posting to it. This type of government tampering is now commonplace, my site is not the only one affected by this and the system that was supposed to be able to accomplish this went active in 2009.
This system was put in place to “steer public opinion” and was briefly discussed in even the mainstream press and then slipped into the censorship black hole, and since I was not doing the news section of this web site at the time I never recorded it – I just figured the news of this would always be available. It no longer is. But the evidence of this system in operation seems to be everywhere, and I just nailed it solidly by paying attention and manually recording what is going on with my own forum.
I urge all people with alternative news forums to watch the new comment numbers as they come in, record them, and then contrast that with the daily total. If the number does not match, then either the older parts of the forum are being systematically expunged or new comments are being holonetted shortly after they come in.
Since all forums exist on a database, the daily total will be caluclated against all comments in the database throughout history to the new number showing at the end of the day. In the past, when I went back and cleaned up shilled over sections that were a week old, those deleted comments would subtract from the CURRENT day’s total. So the destruction of your forum could be happening in secret, via government sponsored behind the scenes destruction of older relevant comments that not many people are paying attention to anymore but would normally be linked to by search engines. This has the effect of severely weakening the public effort to fight tyranny, by erasing the public´s past great works.
FURTHERMORE, because of all the secret back doors built into the various operating systems, your backups are not safe unless they are made and immediately un plugged from the host machine. I have documented that articles I have typed on my own computer and archived on backup have had edits made to them that I never did, to take the edge off of them. These edits involve the removal of links and changing of syntax and removal of any reference to anything solid, while skillfully making it appear to read as normal. It´s downright sinister. That nifty little instant search feature built into Windows and now into many distributions of Linux makes it dirt simple for a spook to log into your system, type keywords, and modify your archives. WATCH OUT FOR THAT, AND KEEP ALL YOUR BACK UPS UNPLUGGED, AND ACCESS THEM ONLY THROUGH A MACHINE THAT DID NOT CREATE THEM.
It is obvious that by now they would have a hidden automatic synchronize function built into the operating systems that will synchronize your backups and instantly replace them with the spook version the moment you plug your back up hard drive into a system that has had those files modified. In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next, which I have nailed them on repeatedly. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank.
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