Slavs don't deem promoting queer behavior for children is the right road to travel

From: Analityk
Date: June 20, 2013 1:59:51 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Fwd: Different views, Christian and others…
A Typical article about queers that appears in Polish language periodicals, newspapers and magazines around our globe.
    Not everyone is supporting America’s “Free press” queer agenda, the White House’s push to advance queers or the TV’s glorifying of their beloved “gays.” Read this one from Warsaw. For some reason the Poles, Russians and other Slavs don’t deem promoting queer behavior for tiny children is the right road to travel. Who could be right? Whata think?
By Agata Bruchwald
How many of us watching the adventures of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Pluto also asked the dog realize that these sympathetic  cartoon characters can promote homosexuality? Yet! The Walt Disney World in Orlando for years has held a “Gay Days”. This year, if the event will take place, will be held from May 28 to June 3.
Walt Disney World is a place designed especially for children. In this fairy-tale atmosphere, among the “live” cartoon characters are homosexual activists, after the play, they  carry out the promotion of its ideology.
The initiative is not new: The amusement park for children, and their parents’ “event,” of the homosexual nature of organized since 1991.
Homo activists acknowledge that the beginnings were humble, but with the continued commitment and thought-out strategy, “Gay Days” has become one of the most important such events. During these meetings folks regularly come to campaign “against homophobia,” including their dissemination of “educational” and promotion to minors.
A special campaign stirs opposition among parents – a protest against such practices can be expressed via e-mail, via a specially crafted web page (
The organizers of the “Days of Gay” is pleased to report that during the party, activists, each year, have the opportunity to impact tens of thousands of people. The program, in addition to playing in the pool, also see performances by dancers in bold systems and “live” for people aged over 18 years. All this in a place associated with joy and innocence of childhood.
The organizers of “Gay Days” in Orlando are hoping that this year they will last May 28 – June 3. They also hope it will acquire local partners. Will they, as planned, have commercial success? It remains to be seen. We know, however, that this is one of the largest such events in the world.
This initiative for a long time has criticized Americans who have dear Christian values. From eight years a boycott has been conducted. Many families avoid visiting the park during the months in which the event takes place. Over the same area regularly fly planes with banners, warning of threats to children and families.
As commentators note, one of the hotels, the fugitive’s official “partner,” “Days of gay” prepare a special “offer” to its visitors, from sex toys to test for sexually transmitted diseases.
A similar event is also planned in Las Vegas.

By piotrbein