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PB: The technologies enumerated in the NASA presentation boggle the mind, but interpretation in the  StopTheCrime video is a bit hysterical. E.g. description of humans as unsuitable (slide 66) appers in the context of a need for war robotics, and not in any NWO conspiracy. Also, she mixes up terms and technologies, e.g. erroneously takes Blast Wave Accelerator to be detonation of sea-bed methane deposits to create tsunamis.

The Illuminati (hijacked from the Freemansonry and created by  Rothschild in 18th century to implement NWO) covertly signal their next steps, so the NASA presentation might be it… The NWO lunatics might use any technology against humanity on a mass scale, but there is no evidence of it in the NASA presentation. They would be foolish to display it in an unclassified doc.

I find it amusing that the presentation talks about defense of the USA (slide 76) from foreign individuals and groups (slide 105). Hardly anybody would dare attack the continental USA (CONUS). The inside enemy drives the hype about bogus threats as well as the rush for newer and more effective war and killing technologies. The enemy is embedded in American politics and institutions — the banksters, to wage their wars globally as well as against  Americans. Compare the present chutzpah with NSA justifications for mass industrialized spying on citizens, because of bogus, CIA-MSM staged terrorist threat.

If anything, the presentation proves that the methods used today against populations fall into the rubric of mass warfare:

  • new synthetic strains of viruses,
  • harmful, debilitating vaccines,
  • chemtrails with a cocktail of poisons,
  • GMO food,
  • fluor in drinking water,
  • aspartame in commercial drinks and bottled water,
  • nuclear radiation dispensed generously with accompanying cover-ups and deception on the health effects,
  • harmful electromagnetic radiation from high-voltage power lines and microwave systems,
  • mass deception, mind-control and hypnosis via MSM and false-flag attacks…

Add to it other “Illuminati” mega-projects disguised as a boon to humanity: Agenda 21, climate change prevention, land and resource grab called “national parks”…

The banksters utilize an ages-old trick for scaring people — that of the rabbinate of Talmudic terror. Initially developed to scare Jewish masses into obedience to the rabbis, the technique has  evolved to applications in other cultures and civilisations: French liberte-egalite-fraternite revolution against the aristocracy and royalty, Soviet (Jewish) bolshevik’s proletariat struggle with the bourgeoisie, “German” WW2 era anti-semitism and anti-Slavism, Globl War on Islamic Terror to pit Christians against Moslems and one Muslim sect against another…






Selected slides

IT = Information technology
IW/IO = Information Warfare/Information Operations
MW = microwave
RF = radio frequency
BW = biological warfare
UAV = unmanned aerial vehicle
CONUS = continental USA
SOF = Special Operations Force











  • [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAcNFQGKWPs?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

THE VIDEO Transcribed in pdf

Former MI5 agent Barrie Trower is a physicist who worked for British intelligence. There he got secret knowledge about the huge danger of electro smog=scalar waves and microwave radiation in our cell phone and Wi-Fi technology. He reveals how intelligence agencies misuse microwaves to influence people’s bodies, even the brain. They can induce pain everywhere in the body and illness, even heart attacks and every form of cancer. They can control your mind by reading your thoughts, changing them, spying on your memory, change or erase it. They can remote control a human totally without the targeted individual knowing about it. People can be programmed to be a living video camera, killing- or sex-machine.
It is easy to let people hear voices in their skulls. V2K is not a mental illness but the result of modern technology.
The cell phone and wireless Internet radiation damages not only us, our children and nature but even future generations in a so horrible way, that in three generations a lot of women will have lost their fertility.
Dr. Barrie Trower is upset over the fact that British scientists have a license to kill and they used it on hundreds of thousands innocent guinea pigs; and got away with it. He and Mind Control expert Dr. Henning Witte have their suspicions that secret microwave weapons triggered the English results in the London Olympics 2012.
Dr. Trower appeals to all kings and queens, especially to the Danish and Swedish royals, to help their people by giving a press conference revealing this horrible microwave technology.

By piotrbein