We Won! Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is Repealed!

From: Mark Lech Jaworski <mark.latarnik@gmail.com>
Date: June 27, 2013 1:28:03 PM PDT (CA)
To: Paul Fromm <paul@paulfromm.com>
Cc: Gordon Watson <watson.gordons@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: We Won! Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is Repealed!
Congratulations Paul!
I consider you to be a solid foundation and a pillar of this new construction of Canada; free of chauvinism and untouchable, arrogant Holy Cows.
I dedicate you a poem by immortal Polish poet, whose poetry was recited to me by my Mother, and whose writings still resonate in my heart.
Antoni Słomiński — Polish poet, of Jewish origin, who converted to Roman Catholic religion, about 1950 wrote a famous and very touching (for me at least) poem:
“Ten jest z ojczyzny mojej”
Ten, co o własnym kraju zapomina
Na wieść, jak krwią opływa naród czeski,
Bratem się czuje Jugosłownianina,
Norwegiem, kiedy cierpi lud norweski,
Z matką żydowską nad podbite syny
Schyla się, ręce załamując żalem,
Gdy Moskal pada – czuje się Moskalem,
Z Ukraincami płacze Ukrainy,
Ten, który wszystkim serce swe otwiera,
Francuzem jest, gdy Francja cierpi, Grekiem–
Gdy naród grecki z głodu umiera,
Ten jest z ojczyzny mojej. Jest człowiekiem.
In my free translation (without worrying about rhymes and rhythm),
which are perfect in original, it means:
He, who could forget about his fatherland
When he hears that Czech nation is covered with blood
He feels to be a brother of Yugoslav,
Norwegian when Norwegian nation is suffering.
With Jewish mother over fallen sons
Bends down wringing his hands with grief
When Muscovite falls — feels like Muscovite,
With Ukrainians cries over Ukraine.
He, who opens his heart to everyone,
Is French when France suffers, Greek –
When Greek nation dies from hunger.
He is my Countryman. He is — a Man.
More information about Antoni Słonimski, (as he was still alive; died in 1976)  at:
Mark Lech Jaworski
On 2013-06-26, at 22:03 , “paul@paulfromm.com” <paul@paulfromm.com> wrote:
We Won! Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is Repealed!
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
Late this afternoon, an ugly piece of tyranny bit the dust. Section 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act was repealed. Bill C-304, introduced by the courageous Brian Storseth of Alberta, won approval of the House of Commons in June, 2012. It received Third and final Reading in the Senate today and, then,  Royal Assent.
Thanks to all the MPs, Senators and, most of all, the many free speech letter writers across this country. It has been a long fight. Marc Lemire deserves special credit for his ferocious fight which, on September 2, 2009, resulted in a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling Sec. 13, essentially,  unconstitutional.
However, we cannot rest on our laurels.
We usually don’t quote or acknowledge the anonymous smear artists at Anti-Racist Canada. After all, who goes around trying to answer graffiti on a washroom wall? [“Call Susie for a good time — 403 -777-7777” “No, Susie is no fun.”]
However, in their sour report on the partial defeat of censorship, ARC, which, we know, has sinister connections in Ottawa observes:
“And it is of note that while it is the current government who passed the legislation, there’s nothing that says a future government might not reinstate Section 13 given that it had been deemed constitutional both in 1990 and more recently in the Whatcott case.
Time will tell and we are very patient. In the meantime, we’ll see how things play out.”
The Federal Court overturned most of the decision in the Lemire case and upheld the constitutionality — minus the financial penalties — of Sec. 13. This ruling is now being appealed to the Federal Court and CAFE is in the thick of the fray as an intervener. Note the threat that a future government — NDP, Liberal? — might reintroduce Sec. 13. Don’t kid yourself, having read some of the Senate speeches on the repeal of Sec. 13, I can assure you censorship and thought control still have some powerful pals in Ottawa.
Paul Fromm
Here’s to free speech! I deeply regret my old comrade
Doug Christie did not live to see this important victory.
To: mailto:h*******
Subject: Re: Please vote for C-304
Dear Sir,
I did.
The Bill passed today in the Senate and was given Royal Assent.
Thanks for your concern for free speech.
Dennis Patterson
Senator for Nunavut

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